Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Jeff Baker and Yorvit Torrealba On Their Way Out?

The Denver Post is reporting that the Rockies are actively shopping both Jeff Baker and Yorvit Torrealba.
With the emergence of Sal Fasano in spring training, it seems that the Rockies do not have a need for Torrealba, and would rather keep at least some of the $4 million that is owed to him this season.
The Rockies were actively seeking to trade him in the offseason, but were asking for too much and many clubs did not have a need for a backup catcher at $4 million. That situation has changed for some squads and the door may be open. Torrealba has made it clear that he would like another opportunity to start somewhere.
The Baker situation is one that is a good problem to have, but a problem none the less. The Rockies have wanted to see what Baker could do if given a chance to play everyday, but every time that chance has arisen, Baker has been injured.
With the emergence of Ian Stewart, and the apparent health of Todd Helton, Baker seems to be the odd man out.
He has shown that he can hit the ball as far as anyone, play a miriade of positions, but he just does not seem to fit on this team.
The scary thing for the Rockies is that this may create another hole for them to fill in a year. It seems apparent that Garrett Atkins will be suiting up for the Rockies for the final time this season. If he departs, and Helton's back does not hold up in the long run, the Rockies are looking at an unproven player to fill the holes that are created.
Without question though, it seems that it would only be fair to allow Baker an opportunity to play everyday in a big league uniform. It seems that he has the talent, but with a lack of opportunity he has been streaky, something that comes with the territory of getting five or six at bats per week.
As of right now it seems that the Pirates and Astros are the most interested, with the Yankees bowing out, determined to give prospect Cody Ransom an opportunity to show what he can do while Alex Rodriguez gets better.

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