Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Todd Helton Showing His Back Is Just Fine

Todd Helton is telling the pessimists to be quiet. He is telling all of those who doubted his abilities in the last two years that he is just fine.
Helton, the Rockies long time first baseman, is not saying this with his mouth, but with his bat. Through March 23rd, Helton is enjoying a spring in which he is hitting .364 and leading the team with four home runs.
The average is not the telling part, nor are the home runs. What everyone in Tucson is raving about is that Todd Helton's bat speed is back.
In recent years, balls that characteristically would have been shots to the gap in left-center field, have turned into lazy fly balls. Shots up the middle have become routine double play balls.
Some attributed it to Helton getting old, others even suggested that Helton was a product of the steriod era.
Helton, a man of few words, is showing that the problem was all in his back.
Although early, signs are pointing to Helton being able to play at the levels of the past, which would greatly enhance the Rockies chances at having a successful season.

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