Monday, May 18, 2009

Performance Like Jason Marquis' Something The Colorado Rockies Are Lacking

Monday night the Colorado Rockies' Jason Marquis pitched a gem in which he dominated the Atlanta Braves lineup and garnered his fifth win of the year.

Marquis went eight innings, giving up one run on five hits, striking three and walking three. He induced the Braves into four double plays. In the fourth inning Marquis battled out of a bases loaded, no out jam, giving up only one run and getting a double play.

The performance was a great one by Marquis. He showed what a great pickup he has been and his bulldog attitude on the mound.

The performance pinpointed exactly what is wrong with the Rockies.

When Marquis got into trouble, he battled back, played his game, and got even the best Braves hitters to hit into double plays. In the fourth inning when he had the bases loaded and no one out, he found a way to not panic and work himself out of the jam, minimizing the damage.

Throughout the game, Marquis had confidence that he would get the job done. He seemed unflappable, even when balls were hit deep into the outfield, he adjusted and got the next hitter to ground out.

The rest of the Rockies should take a lesson from Marquis.

It seems that when the rest of the Rockies get into trouble they wait for the other shoe to drop. When they get a lead, they wait for the pitchers to blow it. When the pitchers give up a few runs, the offense acts as if they are going to get blown out. When they have a lead, it seems as if they decide that a few runs is enough and play for the next day.

What this Colorado Rockies team has been lacking is the willingness to go for the throat. When they have a chance to stick it to a team, they seem to put the game into cruise control and hope for the best. When they get down, they roll over.

This Colorado team has a ton of talent. There is power all through the lineup, and speed at the top. They have playmakers like Ryan Spilborghs and Dexter Fowler. They have one of the best hitters of all time in Todd Helton. They have young pitching talent in Ubaldo Jimenez and Jorge De La Rosa, and an All-Star to anchor the staff in Aaron Cook.

The bullpen has a veteran leader in Alan Embree, and two young pitchers who have had success getting the hardest three outs of a game in Huston Street and Manny Corpas.

This Rockies team has the talent to compete. They just have not spent enough time talking with their most impressive pitcher, Jason Marquis on how to put it all together.

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