Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rockies Schedule Garage Sale for Friday and Saturday at Coors Field

Time to pack it in. The Rockies are done.

On July 15th, Rockies fans were looking forward to a heated race between themselves and the San Diego Padres for the National League West title. Less than two weeks later, putting the Rockies and playoffs in the same sentence is laughable.

On Wednesday night, Aaron Cook continued showing that his struggles are no fluke. He gave up his league-leading 14th lead. In a whopping 11 of those situations, Cook gave up the lead immediately following his team getting it for him. That kind of pitching is not just bad for a team, it is crippling.

Wednesday was essentially a must-win game. Despite the Rockies two huge runs in 2007 and 2009, the reality is, the odds are stacked high against an under performing club.

Making up an eight game deficit in the final 60 games of the season is not impossible. It is highly unlikely, but still attainable. However, the fact that the club is not just chasing the Padres, but chasing the Giants and the Dodgers as well. Very few times over the course of the next two months will all three of those teams lose on the same night. That means the Rockies have very little room for error.

Getting to the playoffs could become an after thought in the next couple of days anyway. Rumors are swirling around the club about possibly dumping salary and getting rid of key components to the big league roster.

Names like Joe Beimel, Ryan Spilborghs, Brad Hawpe, Jorge De La Rosa and Aaron Cook are being thrown around as possible candidates to be moved.

Frankly, if the Rockies were able to move Cook, even if they got nothing in return, it would be a huge one-sided trade in the Rockies favor. The redhead is awful. The excuse will continue to be that ground balls simply found holes. That excuse might work for one or two games, but any pitcher will say that balls find holes and loopers fall in when the pitcher does not have his best stuff.

The Rockies are not playing good baseball. That goes without saying. However, the sloppy play, which continued on Wednesday, has to fall on someone's shoulders. Good teams do not make the same mistakes over and over and over again.

Troy Tulowitzki was the guilty party on Wednesday as he tried to go from first to second base on an overthrow. Anyone watching the game knew that Tulo had little to no chance of making it to second base in time. At that point the Rockies were down three runs and in desperate need of base runners and Tulowitzki's run would only get them one run closer. He wouldn't tie the game or win it. He should have stayed on first base and waited for another base hit to move him over.

The next couple of days will be filled with something new for Rockies fans. There won't be questions of Ubaldo Jimenez and his chances of winning 30 games, there won't be questions of if the Rockies can catch the Padres. There will, instead, be questions of who will be dealt and who will remain with the club.

To say the least, coming to that conclusion this early in 2010 is a huge disappointment.

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  1. They call him Cookie because all he throws is Cookies to opposing batters, or they call him Cookie because all he does is crumble. Why is this guy still on the mound? I know he is an expense liability, but he also looses games. I wouldn't be surprised if he blew it on purpose last night since there trying to shop him because he knows the Rockies have to pay his contract any way. What a looser. Anyone else seen a team implode like this before?

  2. I agree 100% with you on Cook. Obviously he is a huge expense so they don't want to give up on him, but it is worse if he continues to lose games for the team. There is no sign of improvement besides one good outing in his hometown. It's time to cut bait with Cook.

  3. Hey at least we have a professional baseball team!! GO ROCKIES I support them win or lose but would prefer the win column a little more often.

  4. The last couple weeks have no doubt been a huge disappointment, but the Rockies aren't already down for the count as this article makes it seem.

  5. Maybe they aren't out for the count, but their recent play has made their front office seriously consider turning into sellers. Frankly, they would be a better team if they could sell Aaron Cook.

  6. ...Yes, Colorado does have a professional baseball team...and it is good to support your team win or lose. However, taking heart that your city has a Major League team is like getting a college degree and then working at McDonalds and saying "at least I have a job."