Monday, May 16, 2011

Carlos Gonzalez ensures Colorado Rockies victory with three-run bomb off of Lincecum

As early as it is, this game was pivotal to the Colorado Rockies season.

The club made a point in the offseason that they were gunning for the Giants, angry that they had won the World Series, even though the Rockies felt they had the more talented team.

A mess in every aspect of the game, the Giants coming to town represented a worst-case scenario. Then, things took an ever darker turn when the clouds over Chicago proved too much for the Giants and Cubs to complete their series on Sunday, leaving Tim Lincecum to start the opener of a two-game set at Coors Field.

It was a chance for the Rockies to show what they are made of, and they answered the call.

The Rockies, with the help of a Lincecum throwing error, defeated the World Champions 7-4 at Coors Field, despite being down twice in the game.

At a point in the game when the Rockies-of-the-past-two-weeks would have packed up and waited until tomorrow, the Rockies battled. Despite a base running error costing the Rockies a run on a Jonathan Herrera base hit, the club kept fighting. Despite Carlos Gonzalez going down 0-2 in the following at-bat, he continued to battle. After working the count to 2-2, Gonzalez launched a three-run bomb deep to center field, giving the Rockies a 7-4 lead that they wouldn't relinquish.

The club had a closed-door meeting that lasted 25 minutes before the game. Whatever was said seemed to have an effect. Facing a two-time Cy Young winner should have intimidated a team that has struggled with the most average of pitchers over the past two weeks, instead, the Rockies rose to the occasion.

The Rockies have a chance to sweep the Giants in their brief two-game series. At this point, however, the team would not complain about a sweep any way that it would come, especially against the Giants.

Don't discount the work of Clayton Mortenson. The Triple-A fill-in is making a run at the permanent roster. He coughed up the lead in the top of the sixth inning, but pitched well enough to keep the Rockies in the game. He went six innings overall, giving up four runs on seven hits. He walked two and struck out four. The performance was better than it looks on paper. His sinker gives fans a glimpse back to what Aaron Cook looked like in 2008 when he landed in the All-Star game.

The game was a big first step for this Colorado Rockies club. They didn't quit when they were down, even late in the game. Even with Lincecum not having his best stuff, the Rockies were able to take advantage, which is something that they haven't been doing of late.

If the Rockies want to crawl back into the NL West driver's seat, it is going to take consistent performances from the offense and pitching staff like they got on Monday.


  1. What a well timed win. Strange how the Rockies can make the worst bottom of the rotation, fill in pitchers look like Cy Young winners, and make Cy Young winners look like bottom of the rotation bums. Go figure.

  2. Rocky-
    It is baffling how the Rockies can make Jon Neise look like an ace and Tim Lincecum look pedestrian, but I think I choose to look at it more along the lines of the Rockies finally deciding that they aren't going to be intimidated and that they are going to find a way to win. We will see if they can clean up verses Jonathan Sanchez.

    Thanks for the always!