Sunday, May 29, 2011

Colorado Rockies can't carry momentum into Sunday

The way that this 2011 Colorado Rockies team has played has been nothing short of insane. They struggle for five straight games, then light up one of the National League's top pitchers so far.

Most would think that some of that momentum would carry into Sunday's action, but instead, it was back to business as usual. The Rockies offense scored three runs, two of which were driven in by a guy who wasn't with the club a week ago. The guys who are supposed to be carrying this team are failing.

Sunday's game showed why the Rockies need the offense to take charge. It is easy to forget that Jhoulys Chacin is just 23-years old. He is going to have hiccups in the road. Most 23-year olds have hiccups that include pitching his team out of a game. Chacin's hiccups are limited to giving up home runs, something he has struggled with in 2011, and being inconsistent throwing strikes.

Chacin has shown how good he can be, and how good he will be. However, to expect that the 23-year old will be able to carry a team that has lost their ace to issues that remain to be named, and a no. 2 starter to Tommy John surgery is quite the expectations for a kid of Chacin's age.

Obviously, at this point, the Rockies need Chacin to take the next step forward. He is being forced into an ace role that he might not quite be ready for. If the Rockies are going to make the playoffs, they are going to need Chacin to continue his growth even beyond the levels that the club has seen him take so far in 2011.

At some point, the Rockies offense has to take an even bigger step forward. They need to pick up the slack left behind from an ineffective Ubaldo Jimenez and a lost Jorge De La Rosa.

For all of the Rockies May struggles, they sit just 3-1/2 games out of first place in the National League West, and just three games behind the San Francisco Giants. There are very few people out there who actually think that the Diamondbacks will continue their current hot streak, which means that if the Rockies can outplay the Giants, they still have a decent chance at making the playoffs.

But talking about the playoffs in May is premature. Figuring out how to win as a team is the most important thing for the Colorado Rockies right now, and they are struggling with that, and don't look like they are going to figure that out anytime soon.

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  1. Money for nothing, great walk up music choice by Cargo, really sums up the performance yesterday going 1-5 and grounding into a fielders choice to end the game.
    That aint workin, that's the way we do it.

    Rockies are in dire straits.