Friday, May 27, 2011

Colorado Rockies struggles continue

It used to be that on the road, Rockies fans held their breath and waited for the road trip to end, hoping for a respectable trip.

Unfortunately for the club, those struggles have bled over to Coors Field. The Rockies continued their offensive struggles on Thursday, with a 6-3 loss to the Diamondbacks.

Watching the Rockies on Thursday night was a frustrating task. The body language of the club does not look like a team ready to win the National League West, it looks like a club who has accepted defeat. It looks like a team that is down 13-1 in the eighth inning and is just going through the motions.

The Rockies are resorting to their cleanup hitter and the new face of the franchise bunting with two outs in the sixth inning, down by three runs.

After the game the Rockies designated Jose Lopez for assignment. To fill his spot, the club called up Eric Young Jr. The move is about three weeks too late.

The Rockies sometimes get so caught up in having a deep farm system that they let guys who have value sit in Triple-A for far too long. There is much debate amongst Rockies fans as to whether or not Young Jr. is good enough to cut it long term in the big leagues. However, there is only one way to figure that out, and that is to call Young up and put him in the lineup.

Even if Young isn't good to play in the big leagues, he may bring the fire that this club needs to get going. While his defense is questionable at the big league level, his hard work and fire for the game are not.

The Rockies have been playing lackluster baseball for nearly the entire month of May. They seem defeated, and they seem to be in their own heads both in the field and at the plate. For a team that started out as hot as these Rockies did, they have squandered a lead and a confidence that seemed to have them as the shoe-in for their first ever National League West championship. Instead, they are in third place and look like they have no business being on a Major League field, let alone being in any playoff race.

This team is frustrating to watch because their talent level is so high that there is no way that they should be playing this poorly. For whatever reason, year-after-year, this Rockies franchise continues to struggle, not against opponents, but against themselves.

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