Thursday, May 26, 2011

Same old story for Colorado Rockies

Not much new coming out of Coors Field. Same old, same old.

The Colorado Rockies can't hit. On Wednesday they lost to the Arizona Diamondbacks 2-1 in another lackluster offensive effort against a pitcher who had no business looking like an ace.

Jason Hammel continues to pitch well, although he also continues to have a tough time picking up a much-deserved win. On Wednesday he pitched seven innings giving up two unearned runs on five hits. He struck out five and walked just two.

The runs scored because Alfredo Amezaga made an error in the sixth inning that led to the runs. The next logical question is why Amezaga was playing in the sixth inning at all. Suddenly he seems to be Jim Tracy's golden boy. He has started three-of-the-past-four games. Even more unbelievable is that when the Rockies offense is in a free fall, Tracy made the decision to leave Troy Tulowitzki on the bench.

Tulowitzki played both games of the doubleheader on Tuesday, so he most likely was tired. However, if fans know one thing about their All-Star shortstop, it is that he kicks, screams and pouts if his name isn't in the lineup card. The kid wants to play.

Even if Tulowitzki's offense hasn't been up to the level that it was in 2010, there is one thing that hasn't taken a day off, and that is his defense. Clearly his glove would have been beneficial on Wednesday, as Amezaga, a minor league free agent signed by the Rockies in February, made an error that cost the team the game.

Tracy continues to tinker with different lineups. He continues to try to get things going. The reality is that Tracy needs to continue to run out a consistent lineup day in and day out. He plays around with his hitters too much, and changes lineups every single day.

The Rockies are going to continue spinning their wheels until Jim Tracy takes a stand and puts his best eight players on the field everyday.


  1. Center Field StairsMay 26, 2011 at 11:15 AM

    Robert Seamans of Pueblo had his first beer Wednesday night at Coors Field. Congratulations Robert your head almost had more hits then the Rockies.

  2. Really, what a wimp. Fight through it.

  3. We've all done stupid things. So sorry it ended this way for him, and his family.

    Robert Seamans, RIP.