Monday, July 25, 2011

Colorado Rockies continue to be a great sleep aid

Copy. Paste. Repeat.

It gets pretty easy to write about the Rockies these days. The problem is, it's boring. This team could put the makers of Valium out of business.

At this point, anyone who thinks that the Rockies still have a chance to play in October is insane. A week ago, during the All-Star break it was a nice thought to believe that if the club went on a run, they might just have a chance. At this point, they look more likely to lose 100 games than to win 90.

Another lackluster, effortless performance was put on by the Rockies at Dodger Stadium on Tuesday night in which every batter tried to do too much, and everyone on defense played as if the other guy would get the job done. If this team struggles on the road when they have a chance to go to the playoffs, envision a team that could care less about the game and is more excited about seeing the sights in whatever town they happen to be in at that point.

A night after Troy Tulowitzki swung at a pitch at his eyes, he continued to try to be the hero, drubbing a double to center with no one on base, but then going 0-for-3 with runners on base, all three times with a runner at third base. If he doesn't learn to be patient soon, his stubbornness may be the difference between him being a very good player and him being a Cooperstown player.

To accuse a professional team full of professional athletes of not caring is almost a cardinal sin. Everyone points to the fact that these guys live and breathe baseball. They argue that they wouldn't make it to the level that they are at without loving the game.

Well, it's time to accuse these guys of not caring.

If they cared, they would be more embarrassed by the way they are playing. They would be showing fight instead of rolling over when the opposition scores runs. They wouldn't quit the way they have been quitting. It is ridiculous. Even in the bad days of the Rockies, the teams still played hard. Of course they had no chance of making the postseason, but they worked hard.

This Rockies team is full of talent. From top-to-bottom, they should be able to compete with anyone. Instead, they continue to be horrible. They continually make excuses and pretend like they can't figure it out. Yet, on the field, they play with no fire. When home runs are hit against them, when teams steal bases when they are up by six runs, when nothing is going on the offensive side of things, there are no bat racks paying the price. There is no Gatorade being spilled in the dugout, there is no collective beard-growing, there is no knee-high socks night, there is no opposing hitter being beaned.

The problem doesn't fall on any one person's shoulders. This team couldn't be this bad if it was simply one man's fault. The blame lies with each and every player, each and every coach, and each and every member of the front office in some way, shape or form. The price has to be paid in the offseason, and someone will take the blame, perhaps Jim Tracy, but the reality is, the Rockies are a mess, from top-to-bottom, they are a total mess.

Who would have thought that everyone would be talking this way about the Rockies when spring training started?

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