Sunday, July 17, 2011

Colorado Rockies continue to disappoint

It started off too well. The Colorado Rockies won the first two games after the All-Star break and gave their fans hope.

After playing two solid games against the Brewers, then going up 3-0 on Saturday against Zach Grienke, the Rockies had their fans thinking about a four-game sweep.

That is when reality set in. That is when the true colors of the 2011 Colorado Rockies showed. Any hope that the Rockies had to turn their season around ended when Saturday's home plate umpire blew an easy call at the plate. Emotions errupted. Both Jim Tracy and Chris Iannetta were thrown out of the ballgame. It could have been a launching point.

Moments like that are make or break for teams. Managers know that when they go out on the field, they are very rarely going to get a call reversed. They are going on the field to stand up for their players.

The reaction to that, however, is supposed to be a team that has a fire lit underneath them. It is supposed to inspire a team to no simply continue on as if the game is just another Saturday night game, but rather, potentially the game that is the turning point in the season.

When a team has the opposite reaction, it is the clearest sign of a team that has given up.

That is exactly what happened to the Rockies. Instead of fighting back. Instead of determining that they would not let a bad call defeat them, they folded. They gave into the victim mentality and started pointing fingers at umpires and acting as if they couldn't catch a break.

Instead of coming out looking for blood on Sunday, they played yet another flat game. The reality is, this team rarely shows up in day games. They have lost their last 13 Sunday games, all being played in the daylight.

While there may be some coincidental value to that statistic, it speaks volumes about the preparation of the team. Instead of finding a way to get ready for the early games, it seems like the Rockies don't sleep enough the night before. It seems like they can't turn the page from the previous night's game and simply go through the motions.

What that results in is blown opportunities. The Rockies had a gigantic opportunity to tell everyone in the league that they aren't dead just yet. They could have easily taken three games from the Brewers, and a sweep was certainly not out of the question. Yet, what do they do? They end up with a four game split and walk away in no better shape than they were before the All-Star break with four less games to play.

The time bomb is ticking for these Rockies. They have very little time left to make a move. They now see the Atlanta Braves come into town for four games. In order to have a fighting chance in the division, they must win the series, and even that might not be enough. A split of the four game set would essentially be checkmate for the most disappointing Colorado Rockies team in their history.

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