Monday, July 18, 2011

Colorado Rockies continue to make excuses, continue to lose

"The harder I work, the luckier I get."

Someone needs to tell this Samuel Goldwyn quote to the Colorado Rockies, who continue to hope for a long run, while playing poor fundamental baseball.

When is it going to get old?

Once again, in the post game interview with the media, Jim Tracy responded to a question about the changing expectations of the club by saying "this club has a history of doing special things in the second half."

Really, Jim? With less than 70 games to go in the season, and a club that has done nothing but fall exceedingly short of expectations, and the excuses continue?

It's fine when fans point to the great runs of 2007 and 2009. They were great runs. The Rockies were dead by anyone's standards. They had no chance. Then, when everyone had finally given up on them, they rose from the dead and went on a streak that took them into the postseason.

No one can take those runs away from the team. However, someone clearly needs to remind the team in the clubhouse, and the manager who leads them, that they cannot rely on a late season run to get them where they need to be. Sure, being optimistic is a very good thing for a manager. Optimism is good, until it simply isn't realistic.

At some point, optimism is the wrong message. At some point, pretending like there is plenty of time to climb back into the standings, when the leader of the division is the reigning National League Champions, is unrealistic. In fact, it is almost insulting.

The reality is, going on a run is only realistic only if the club starts to take the obvious steps towards playing better baseball. Hoping for a run when the defense is consistently making errors, the pitchers are missing their spots, and the hitters aren't hitting in big situations is stupid.

Do the Rockies have poor work ethics? Of course not. Very few people become Major League Baseball players without an extremely great work ethic. However, this team's focus is far from right. Part of a good work ethic is being able to focus on the little things that help a team win. This team does not do that.

The fact is, these Rockies are done. They aren't working on getting better everyday. They are hoping that they get a few breaks that go their way, instead of working hard for those breaks. Nothing is going to change, and their skipper isn't about to rock the boat, he is going to continue to make excuses.

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  1. Disappointing... Underachieving team. This team, this year finds a way to lose. I would not pay money to watch them. It is hard to watch them on TV too.