Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Colorado Rockies Cook up a win in Los Angeles

Ervin Santana threw a no-hitter on Wednesday, and it wasn't the most surprising news of the day.

More surprising was the dominance of Aaron Cook on the mound. Cook went seven strong innings, giving up just six hits. He struck out two and walked two.

Obviously that statement is made in jest, but the point is the same, Cook throwing seven shutout innings was the last thing anyone predicted.

The redhead has been a nightmare for the Rockies since returning from the 60-day disabled list that he landed on in spring training. Most fans were questioning the decision by the club to leave him in the rotation when the Rockies made their All-Star break changes. In his last two starts, Cook is making the team look good for having faith in him.

In his previous start in Arizona, Cook's numbers are very pedestrian. He gave up four runs in six innings, but that doesn't tell the whole story. After giving up three runs in the second inning, he fought back. Instead of folding, he battled back and limited the damage, giving the Rockies a chance to score some runs and get back in the game.

On Wednesday night in Los Angeles, Cook continued down that path. He didn't give in to the whispers that he is done. He didn't believe that things were never going to be the same. Instead, he went out and looked like the All-Star of 2008. In his seven innings, he induced 13 outs via the ground ball and only three in the air. When Cook is going good, his sinker is forcing the opposition to hit the ball into the dirt.

The victory, along with the remaining victories that this club will have in a horrible season, was simply a moral one. Any ground that the team gains is going to make the season that much more bitter. This team clearly has the talent to at least compete in the National League West. Instead of competing, however, the Rockies have given away the best opportunity they had to raise an NL West banner for the first time in the history of the club.

The Rockies avoided the sweep, and a fall into fourth place, behind the Dodgers in the NL West race. The fact that they are closer to last place than first place is something that most would never have guessed going into the year.

Colorado heads to San Diego to finish off the final three games of a nine-game stretch through the NL West. At this point, the club is simply playing out the remainder of their games, looking forward to an offseason that will certainly be full of changes.

Those changes may start in the next few days, as rumors continue to abound about the future of Ubaldo Jimenez. The club could trade their former ace, or any combination of players including Ty Wigginton, Rafael Betancourt, Huston Street, Chris Iannetta, Ryan Spilborghs, Jason Giambi, or really, anyone who another team may inquire on.

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