Sunday, July 17, 2011

Colorado Rockies lose heart breaker, but reveal character

Chris Iannetta.

Just mention the name to Colorado Rockies fans and their are no weak opinions. People either love him or hate him. There is no in between.

On Saturday night, he gained a few more fans.

After home plate umpire Cory Blaser botched a terrible call at the plate, Iannetta did what his critics have been asking him to do for four years. He showed emotion. His normal deadpan demeanor rubs some the wrong way. Many fans have longed for the catcher to show some concern on the field.

His critics hoped for enough emotion that would show he had a fire lit underneath him. On Saturday night, he showed enough emotion to light a fire under his entire team.

Make no mistake, Saturday night's game was a heart breaker for the Rockies. There isn't a single member of the team who is going home happy. However, this game is a season changer for the Rockies. What happens after this game will determine where their season ends up, good or bad.

The 25 men who make up the Rockies roster experienced more emotion on a baseball field than they have in the entire 2011 baseball season. The passion that Chris Iannetta showed went far beyond anything the stoic catcher has ever shown behind the plate or in the public eye.

That emotion will have an effect on the club. It made the game more than just one of 162 games that is played throughout the season. It became far more important. Instead of just accepting defeat and hoping for another night to pull off a victory, the Rockies fought. They wanted to win this game. There was no doubting that.

On Sunday, it will be interesting to see how the Rockies respond. The loss, and the pain from losing a game with so much emotion, should inspire the team to play with an even heightened desire. They will either come out looking for blood, or they will fold up and accept that things simply haven't gone right for them in a tough season.

If Rockies fans want to see the club make a run, this might be what it takes for them to get going. If the Rockies want to have any chance at October, they can't afford to waste any more time. They must start playing well now.

Iannetta's ejection may be what does that for the Rockies. When the least emotional member of the team has an emotional outburst, the rest of the club has no choice but to respond as well.

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  1. So the people who bet on games, don't like the Rockies. Does that mean that they pay off umpires when they want to push them back more so they don't win when they have big bets agains other teams, thus upsetting the apple cart? Ya, gambling doesn't interfere with how games go and especially when umpires make such noticably stupid calls.