Friday, July 15, 2011

Colorado Rockies shutout Milwaukee Brewers

Colorado Rockies fans should be used to it at this point.

The club has made a habit of rising up from the dead, right when the most loyal of their fans have given up.

It looks like they are going to do it again in 2011. Going into the All-Star break, the Rockies were .500 at home, something unfamiliar to even the early 2000's Rockies clubs who found ways to dominate at Coors Field despite mediocre talent.

With a lifeless first half in the books, the Rockies have come to life, albeit a two game streak. The team is playing with a sense of passion, something that they haven't seen since the 13th game of the season.

On Friday, the Rockies put aside their ho-hum attitude and found a way to win. This time in large part due to the pitching of Juan Nicasio. The 25-year old rookie completely baffled the Brewers. With his rotation spot in question less than two weeks ago, the right-hander looked like an ace. In seven innings of work, Nicasio gave up just four hits. He struck out four, and most importantly, walked no one. He may have had his first chance for a complete-game shutout, but was at 97 pitches after seven innings, and at his experience level, does not need to be pushed.

When Nicasio is throwing strikes, there is no doubt that he belongs in the big leagues. His stuff is good enough to get Major League batters out.

The performance should give the Rockies something to be excited about in the future. The prospect who hasn't pitched a day in Triple-A is quickly becoming a good Major League pitcher with the chance to be a dominant one. There will be some hiccups along the way, but the talent is there. That is apparent.

Todd Helton made things a little easier for the rookie, taking vintage Helton at-bats twice in the game, driving singles to the outfield to score Mark Ellis from second base twice. The runs gave the Rockies breathing room. Helton has done nothing but prove his critics wrong. In fact, he is making fans wonder if he might even have three solid years left.

The Rockies have a chance to win the four-game set on Saturday. With a win, the certainly will have fans wondering if they are going to come all the way back from their death bed to make things interesting in the National League West race.

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  1. Always wondered what Todd Helton would have to do to garner any sort of respect from the baseball community at large, in particular the day to day MLB media outlets. Turns out he'll just remain Todd: quiet, consistent, sparkling defense while making the 5 minute at-bat a daily horror for opposing coaching to muddle through. The National League's regular talent of underestimating Helton and his abilities will remain one of the Rockies' greatest assets.

    Three years from now, when Todd is in the top 30 historically in most offensive categories... perhaps it will be then when the MLB community gasps in surprise at this hidden hero, playing forever in purple pinstripes, and wonder where on earth he originated.