Sunday, September 18, 2011

Colorado Rockies already getting results from Pomeranz

Losing Ubaldo Jimenez can't be a good thing.

How many people would have predicted that the Colorado Rockies would have traded their first-ever ace by the end of July back in March? The answer to that question is easy. Zero.

The departure of Jimenez marked the severity of how disappointing season the Rockies are in the midst of. Some predicted that the club wouldn't live up to the expectations that were predicted of them, but no one knew just how bad it would end up being.

Losing Jimenez was certainly a blow to the Rockies. No doubt, the move left a bitter taste in the mouths of so many fans who had put their hope in a team that seemed to have so much promise.

As hard as it was to see Jimenez go, the only thing worse would be to find out that the players that the Rockies got in return for the righty never panned out.

Drew Pomeranz is quickly relieving those fears. In his two starts, the highly-touted lefty has thrown 10-2/3 innings, giving up two runs on six hits. He has struck out seven and walked four.

The work by Pomeranz has been impressive to say the least. However, the work becomes even more impressive when the fact that he is barely a year removed from signing his first professional contract. Then, consider that since the trade, the lefty was relegated to three weeks of bullpen sessions before he could officially be traded. After that, he made one start and went in for surgery for a ruptured appendix.

With the Rockies content to shut him down for the remainder of the season, Pomeranz once again impressed teh club by quickly recovering and making another scoreless appearance in Tulsa. The work has been so impressive that the Rockies gave him a cameo at the big league level.

The results are already there for Pomeranz. While the other main piece of the Jimenez trade, Alex White, struggles to gain his footing at the big league level, Pomeranz shows absolutely no sign of needing time to grow up on the job. His stuff is great. He is already fooling big league hitters, and he is showing that he might not be a guy who needs to start off as a number five starter, but rather, a pitcher who can be relied upon as a number three or four. he might just be someone who can make an immediate impact.

That remains to be seen, and there certainly will be a hill to climb for the lefty in 2012, but the Rockies and their fans must be extremely excited about the early results.

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