Thursday, September 22, 2011

Colorado Rockies losing streak extends to eight straight

The torture continues.

Watching the Colorado Rockies should be part of some sort of plea bargain. Instead of serving two years in prison for committing a felony, convicts should be able to trade that in for two years of probation and one full season of watching the Colorado Rockies play. That seems fair.

The team looked better on Thursday night in Houston. They strung together a few hits and they had a little pop in the bats. Wilin Rosario continues to show that he is ready to get a chance at the big league level. However, he has also shown that there is going to be a learning curve behind the plate.

Rosario's arm is phenomenal. He will be fine throwing runners out. However, he has missed a few pitches and let some balls get passed him that he probably should have stopped. There is no reason to worry, that will come with experience.

Is there anything left to say about this club? They just finished getting swept in a seven-game home stand for the first time in club history. The topped that off by giving up nine runs to the worst team in baseball. The only positive that can be taken from this finally slump of a terrible season is that it will almost certainly improve the draft position for the Rockies in 2012.

Beyond getting a better draft position for next June, something no team wants to strive for, there isn't much left to comment on these Rockies. They have been the exact same team all season. Even when they were 11-2 they were struggling with runners in scoring position, they weren't taking great at-bats, they were getting thrown out at the plate on mis-timed contact plays.

The hope for the remainder of the season is that the young kids that are getting plenty of playing time find a way to continue to improve. It's tough to watch these guys struggle. The reality is, this season has been a train wreck. It started out with so much excitement and so much promise, and has faded away into a terrible disaster that only got worse when there were chances to get better.

Things will change in the offseason. However, one of the things will not be the manager. It won't be the general manager, and most likely, it won't be anyone on the coaching staff. The Rockies must do something big in the offseason or they are going to have a very hard time convincing their fans to be excited about this team again in 2012.

The reality is, most Rockies fans probably need a nice long offseason. They need to forget about baseball for a while and let a cold winter make them long for baseball again. After a terrible season, the icing on the cake is the way this club is playing down the stretch. It is only fitting that they can't beat anybody, whether at home or on the road. It represents the season perfectly.

Only six more games to go. It can't come soon enough.

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