Thursday, September 1, 2011

Colorado Rockies swept in the desert

The scores don't matter anymore. The results will soon simply blend into what will end up being a horrible win-loss record when all is said and done.

What will matter for the Colorado Rockies is how they approach the game over the final month of the season. The Diamondbacks and Giants will playing for something, but the Rockies will be playing for something other than wins.

The final month of the season will show the character of the Rockies. Will they have heart? Will they still play hard? Will some of the players on the bubble show that they actually belong? The overall record means absolutely nothing. Wins and losses are a moot point. This team isn't making the playoffs, which was the goal.

The Rockies aren't going to realize their goal this season. They are going to fall far short of it. They have been outplayed by a team without the same level of talent as they have and they look foolish against them. The road, something that has always baffled the Rockies, continues to be an extreme challenge for this team.

Finally, on Wednesday night, Huston Street showed something that has been missing all season long.

With Garrardo Parra trying to score from third on an errant throw, Street fired the ball to catcher Eliezer Alfonso, who easily recorded the out. Caught in the middle of his poor decison, Parra wasn't close enough to the plate to bowl over Alfonso, but wasn't far enough away to retreat to third. The result was a half-hearted push of Alfonso as the tag was applied.

There was nothing wrong with the play on either side. Parra didn't do anything against the unwritten rules. However, Street did something that the Rockies have needed for three months. He had words with Parra. He decided to yell something at Parra, something that ignited some emotions. Before the dugouts cleared, the Diamondbacks were pulled back into the dugout, not wanting to risk suspensions in the stretch run.

Street had no reason to yell at Parra. However, he did. He stood up for his catcher, even if what happened to his catcher wasn't necessarily anything too bad. He showed some raw emotion, something that the Rockies have done very little of in 2011.

The Rockies need to find something that will ignite a fire in them. They need to find something that will make them come together as a team, instead of being Tulo, CarGo, Helton and a bunch of other guys. When this team starts to stick up for each other, even if it means picking a fight, it will show that they do care and that they do want to win.

If the Rockies want to do anything over the course of the final month, they don't need to win a bunch of games, they need to play with heart and play with fire. They need to learn to play as a team, and they need to find people who will lead them in that aspiration.

Maybe Huston Street's display of emotion will be the beginning of that.

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  1. rockie ugly........not entertainment.