Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Jim Tracy is either stupid, or he thinks Colorado Rockies fans are

Jim Tracy came into the Colorado Rockies job with nothing to lose. He was taking over a team that was 12 games under .500 and 15 games out of the National League West race. He couldn't fail.

That season went better than anyone ever could have expected. The Rockies were within a good weekend of their first-ever National League West title.

It has been downhill ever since.

The Rockies have played horrible baseball over the past two seasons. They have been awful. They made a little run in 2010, but for the most part, the under performed all season long. Coming into 2011, the focus was on the Rockies. They were predicted by nearly every expert to win the West going away.

They sure did prove those experts wrong.

The issues run deep for these Rockies. The don't take good at-bats. They don't play clean baseball in the field. Their starting pitchers can't get it together. Their prospects haven't developed quickly/ Their farm system was completely overrated. Their lineup changes on a daily basis.

Needless to say, the Rockies issues run deep. They can't find a way to get it together.

However, this club's biggest issues go beyond every reason listed. This team's biggest issue has become so pronounced in the last week that no one can ignore it.

No one, except for Jim Tracy.

For the past week, Tracy hasn't missed an opportunity to mention how many injuries the Rockies have dealt with. Every time anyone mentions how disappointing the season has been, Tracy harks back to the injuries. He mentions that the season would have been different had Jorge De La Rosa remained healthy. He talks about how good the team would have been with a steady 25 men in the clubhouse.

There are only two possible explanations for Tracy's comments. He is either stupid, or he thinks everyone who follows the Rockies on a daily basis is.

Anyone who watches the Rockies knows that there are hundreds of reasons why this team has failed. They can rattle off all of the issues from top to bottom. There are obvious things on the field that the Rockies need to correct in order to be a viable option as a contender. However, there is one glaring issue that is the root of all of the rest of the problems.

That issue? This team has absolutely no heart. This team is soft. They don't care about winning, they only care about their personal numbers. Winning isn't important to them. It starts at the top and trickles all the way down. This club has no clue where to even start to have a winning mindset in the clubhouse.

Calling professional players out for a lack of heart is usually met with a great amount of resistance. However, if there has ever been a talented team that has earned that title, it is the 2011 Colorado Rockies. There are very few people who would argue against it.

That brings us back to Tracy. Does this man still expect the fan base to buy that this would be a different team without the injuries? Does he think that it isn't as obvious as it looks to realize just how poorly this team actually plays on the field? Does he think that the fans can't see that the Rockies give up as soon as the going gets tough?

Or is it the other way around? Does Tracy actually believe that himself? Does he think that if only the Rockies hadn't have been plagued by injuries all season long that they would have actually been contenders? Does he ignore that the Rockies reserves could be starters for the Diamondbacks, who are going to walk away with the West? Does he really believe it?

There are only two answers to that question.

Either Tracy thinks that the fans are stupid, and don't understand that the issue isn't injuries, that the issue is heart. Or, option two, which is far worse, is that Tracy is not very smart himself and actually believes it himself.

Could option two really be true? Could Tracy actually watch 162 games and not see that his team plays with no heart? Does he see it, but just not want to believe it?

Either way, the fact that Tracy would even suggest that the issue is injuries shows just how disconnected he truly is. It is time for him to get with it, or get out. His management certainly hasn't helped the issues in 2011, and if he really thinks that simply staying healthy will propel the Rockies into the playoffs in 2012, than the issues go beyond the heart of the club, it starts with the mind of the manager.

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  1. The team simply never gelled this year. I think Tracy contributed to this in a huge way with his constant shuffling of lineup and positions. A player cannot depend on the next batter to bring him in if they have not developed some pattern that they can count on. Coordinated fielding, like double plays, are less likely to be effective as well. While players must carry their share of the responsibility, Tracy is supposed to be leading. . .in some constructive way.