Friday, September 23, 2011

Losing streak hits nine games for the Colorado Rockies

If there was a glimmer of hope for the Colorado Rockies it was that Drew Pomeranz was on the mound.

Pomeranz has had two very good starts in his brief Major League career, which makes it a little more pathetic that he represented the Rockies greatest hope.

Well, the Rockies found out what depending on someone with 10-1/3 innings of Major League action will get you.

The prized lefty went all of two innings. He gave up six runs on seven hits. Before he had recorded an out, the Astros had four runs in and two more men aboard.

Don't blame Pomeranz, he is who he is. It can't be expected that he is going to be nearly perfect every time out, especially this early in his career. No matter how much promise a young prospect shows--and Pomeranz shows plenty of promise--there is going to be a learning curve. There is going to be a league adjustment to him.

The issues for the Rockies run deep. It doesn't simply stop with the fact that their best hope comes in the form of a 23-year old late season call-up who has a grand total of five starts above the Single-A level under his belt. The issues go well beyond that, in fact.

There is nothing physical wrong with this team. They have all the talent they need. They should be able to compete with any team in the league. Some people point to injuries, and the Rockies have undoubtedly had their fair share of injuries. The problem with blaming injuries for a team's lack of success is that it should never be an excuse.

Using injuries as an excuse points to a lack of preparedness from the front office and from the development department. If a team can have a couple of guys go down and it is completely crippling, than they really aren't that good of a team in the first place. One of the defining characteristics of a good team is that when one guy gets dinged up, the next guy steps right into that role and the team doesn't miss a beat.

When Jorge De La Rosa went down, it definitely caused issues for the Rockies. However, the fact that the team was caught with their pants down, with no other options to at least plug the hole, showed that they hadn't done a good enough job of building up their prized farm system that has received so much credit in the past.

As the Diamondbacks clinch the National League West crown, the Rockies should have a sick feeling in their stomachs. They had a division that was theirs to lose. Not only did they lose it, they failed to ever show up. They had an easy route to the playoffs and they couldn't make it happen. The issue has been so harped on all season long that it is old to continue to think about. The Rockies are pathetic. There is no other way to describe it.

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