Saturday, April 7, 2012

Jamie Moyer looks his age in loss, Nicasio takes hill for Colorado Rockies on Sunday

Jamie Moyer gave up four runs in five innings.
Let the doubting commence.

Is he too old?  Are the Colorado Rockies too cheap? How can they run out a team that features a 49-year old?

Those are all questions that the pessimists will begin with as the debate their fellow Rockies fans on Sunday. They will say that this crazy experiment is a headline grabber on the Rockies part, and a pathetic one at that. They will point to Moyer's five rough innings, giving up four runs and never really giving the Rockies a chance.

The point they will be missing, however, is that Moyer is a fifth starter. He isn't expected to go out and dominate on a nightly basis. A fifth starter is a guy who should win about as many games as he loses. Moyer's five workman-like innings really weren't that bad. His defense wasn't flawless behind him, and three earned runs is about what a team should expect from their fifth starter.

Moyer will have to wait another five days before getting a shot at being the oldest player to win a game in Major League history.

For now, the Rockies have Easter Sunday to look forward to.

As much as it would have been great for Juan Nicasio to make his return to the mound at Coors Field, where he could be given a long standing ovation, Easter Sunday seems like a good time to make a return.

The reality is, Nicasio is lucky to be walking, moving around and acting normal. The fact that he is pitching at the Major League level less than a year after breaking his neck on the mound is simply ridiculous.

Consider that Nicasio never threw a pitch at the Triple-A level. Consider that he was only brought to the Major League level because of a depleted starting rotation that had just lost Jorge De La Rosa for the year in May. Most pitchers in that scenario are guys who are stop-gaps. They come up, but are then sent down for more seasoning. Even if a pitcher like that manages to stay in the big leagues for the duration of the season in which he is called up in, he is usually a guy who is battling for a spot in the rotation in spring.

Nicasio, however, had already locked up his spot in the rotation before spring, after breaking his neck in that first season.

The 25-year old certainly deserves a standing ovation when he first takes the mound at Coors Field. Hopefully when that time comes around, fans will recognize the miracle that they are witnessing and give it the proper respect that is deserved.

As for Sunday, Nicasio looks to help the Rockies secure their first road series win. Although early, the Astros are a team that the Rockies need to beat. Winning on the road doesn't get any easier than against a Houston team that will most likely lose over 100 games on the season.

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