Sunday, May 20, 2012

Rock Bottom: Colorado Rockies continue downward spiral

When will Dick and his brother make a move?
No one called this Colorado Rockies team a World Series contender. No one said they would win 100 games.

However, even the biggest critic couldn't have thought that this team would be this bad, this soon.

On Sunday, the Rockies were swept at home for the second straight three game series, losing 6-4. This time it came at the hands of the lowly Seattle Mariners. It may have been one thing if the Mariners had ace Felix Hernandez on the mound during the series, but the Rockies faced two mediocre pitchers and one good one.

Remember when Jim Tracy hadn't lost a homestand? That seems like a really long time ago. In fact, it is hard to remember the last time the Rockies won a homestand. This one finished 1-4 when it really needed to be closer to 4-1.

Some might say that it is too early to write this team off. After all, it's only May. There is plenty of baseball left to be played. They point to 2007 and 2009 when the Rockies went on historic runs to propel themselves into a playoff spot.

The positive attitude is enviable. However, it simply isn't realistic. This team doesn't have the pitching that it will require to keep them in games enough nights in a row to go on one of those runs.

It is becoming tiresome to debate who is at fault. Is it Tracy? Is it general manager Dan O'Dowd? Is it pitching coach Bob Apodaca? Is it the player's faults? At this point, it really doesn't matter whose fault it is. The reality is, it is probably a combination of all of their fault's, plus a bunch more.

Meanwhile, the front office continues to sit on their hands. Despite calls from loyal fans for a shakeup, or at least a small move that would suggest that being 10 games under .500 before Memorial Day isn't alright.

What else is left to be said? What else do fans have to do? Root Sports analyst and Hall of Fame baseball writer took to Twitter on Sunday night to make fun of fans who were complaining about their team. As much respect as a guy of Ringolsby's ilk deserves, it was uncalled for. There has to be room for anger. There must be some sort of outlet for fans. Obviously Ringolsby isn't a fan. He is an un-bias analyst. However, he should be embarrassed that he is so disconnected from the fans that he feels that they shouldn't be even slightly frustrated and speaking out of emotion rather than logic at this point in a terrible season.

If the Rockies had told their fans that they expected another year or two before they would be able to compete, it would be one thing. However, the club signed Michael Cuddyer and traded for Marco Scutaro and Jeremy Guthrie, two guys who only had a year left on their contracts. That would suggest to fans that they are trying to win. That encourages fans to spend money on their team. Of course, certain criticism is out of line, but being upset that a team isn't playing the way they should be is something that is allowed. Ringolsby's mockery of fans is worse than the fan's criticism.

The Rockies head back on the road, a place where they have been even worse than at home. They go to Miami to check out the new park that the Marlins built. The weight of the season should be on their shoulders. The weight of Tracy's job and Apodaca's job should be on their shoulders. If the six-game road trip doesn't result in at least a 3-3 record, one of those two guys should be making his final trip as a member of the Rockies.

At this point, however, that isn't a guarantee. Being 10 games under .500 and in a horrible place this early in the season would be unacceptable for all but a few teams in the league. Apparently the Rockies are one of those teams.

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  1. add hitting coach langsford to the firing list.

  2. Good column, David. I was a little surprised by Ringolsby's reaction, too, despite the fact that he's often tin-eared and ham-fisted when it comes to fan interaction. Looking back, though, I wonder if he was reacting more to the fan calling out the media's complacency than actually defending the team's poor play. Either way, he came across as dismissive at a time when the Rockies - and their proxies at ROOT - don't have a lot of good will to squander.