Sunday, July 1, 2012

Colorado Rockies shut down by Kip Wells and the San Diego Padres

Pomeranz showed the he belongs in the big leagues.
Kip Wells dominated the Colorado Rockies at Coors Field on Sunday. Yes, that Kip Wells.

Dan O'Dowd must feel really good about his excuse-laden diatribe that he went on during a season ticket holder conference call on Wednesday. In the call he made it very clear that Coors Field simply is playing differently than it has in the past. He said that traditional baseball just doesn't work there. Pitching in the park is impossible, according to O'Dowd.

Well, Kip Wells might disagree. The former Rockie, former Royal, former Cardinal, but mostly former minor leaguer who has a career record of 68-100 pitched seven shutout innings against the Rockies on Sunday. The shutout came on a hot, dry day at Coors Field, when the ball usually flies out of the park.

The seven innings that Wells threw were good enough to net a victory, as the Rockies couldn't scratch a run across the plate. They had just six hits against the righty. The win was Wells' first since 2009 when he wore a Cincinnati Reds uniform.

Wells is the definition of bad. He hasn't had a good season since he went 10-9 in 2003 with the Pirates. He posted a ERA of 3.28 that year. However, he posted just one more season in the four's after that and has been dreadful in most seasons.

As much as O'Dowd felt his theory crumble with Wells on the mound, Drew Pomeranz also did his part to prove that Coors isn't the problem. In his return to the big leagues, Pomeranz threw six innings of two hit baseball. He gave up only one run, which was unearned. He threw 80 pitches, and had 11 ground ball outs as opposed to four outs in the air.

It was a great outing for Pomeranz. He proved once again that he belongs in the big leagues. His time at Colorado Springs was reportedly for him to work on his release point and gain some velocity back. Neither of those things look much different in his return, but two hit baseball over the course of six innings is pretty good no matter who the team on offense is.

However, a bad year continues to get worse. More troubling than the losses has been the unfolding of the front office. The blatant excuse making, and the acceptance of mediocrity. If the Rockies were losing and the front office showed embarrassment and determination to get better, it certainly would feel better to the fans. Instead, they greet each day with a seemingly new excuse for why they didn't win the night before. They believe that the external factors--things out of their control--are hindering them from winning and most likely will prevent them from winning in the future. That is a bad sign for fans. Far worse than failing to scratch a run across against Kip Wells.

The Rockies may be losing on the field, but the players aren't losing nearly as badly as the front office is.

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  1. I agree the front office needs to stop with the lame "can't pitch at Coors Field excuses."

    As for Pomeranz, he was no where close to being "great" today. As you write, he was sent to the minor leagues to work on his release and improve velocity and today it was the same release point and velocity that he had before the demotion. His 1/3 strikeout to walk ratio is horrible. The fact that he gave up only two hits shows that he was more lucky than good.

  2. A lot has been stated this year about the offense not being part of the problem. I do not agree with that. The offense is very inconsistent. How many times have they scored 6,7, 10 or 11 runs one day and 1 or 2 (or zero) the next? Kim Wells is not a dominating pitcher yet he shutout the Rockies.
    No doubt the handling of the lineup has something to do with the inconsistency. If you go to a game or watch one on TV you never know who you will see playing where. Players need to win a spot then be allowed to play there everyday!
    John T.

  3. Don't be stupid David.

    What Dan O'Dowd, our eternal master, meant by "playing differently" is that on Hot Dry Days when pitchers pitch poorly at Coors Field there is an unusual magical aura that hangs over the field. Probably, scientifically speaking, a Solar Energy storm that makes it backwards day at Coors field. In essence if the opposing pitcher pitches well then in "non opposite" coors field he would pitch terribly. Thus the Rockies pitchers who are amazing and highly sought after then pitch bad due to the opposite solar flare effect.

    When the pitchers pitch well on Hot Dry Days then Coors field is in its "awakened state" caused by the lack of Solar Flare storms .....Also Gypsys. In its awakened state Coors then makes everyone pitch well but the Rockies lose because now the hitters are in opposite world. Its hardly complicated if you knew anything about cross dimensional weather phenomena mixed with ancient mayan curses.

    In Sabre form:

    Weather x (gypsy curse - solar flare output Per GHZ) / Temperature x Year of Myan curse x (oxygen level) = Pitching outcome for the Rockies

    See simple. Dan O'Dowd is a genus and you are a dum!

  4. To me, the worst thing about this new pitching scenario is that it mortgages the future. I mean, can you imagine a promising young high school pitcher (or ANY pitcher) being drafted by the Rockies and actually signing with them when they know that: a) the BEST they can hope for is a starting career where they have a severely limited pitch count and probably will never win TEN games in a season, let alone twenty. . and b) the front office freely admits you can't pitch at Coors Field. i don't care what anyone says, Dan O'Dowd is a loser, a whiner and incompetent. This new direction that the Rox are taking reminds me of the idiotic "revolving coaches" system (in lieu of a manager) that the Cubs tried back in the early 60s. It is totally assinine! Ironically, I actually think that the Rockies could right the ship in less than a season. Hey, Tony La Russa is out there, so why not sell the farm and hire him as both GM and Manager? He's bring in Dave Duncan and these young pitchers would have to put up of shut up. No more coddling. I suppose it's too much to ask the Monforts to sell the team, but the guys they have running the show right now are grossly incompetent!