Saturday, August 18, 2012

Colorado Rockies try, but fail, to overcome Marlins early lead

Rosario is part of a group of Rockies that are fun to watch.
It was the "other" game in Denver on Saturday night.

It is sad when the Colorado Rockies, two years removed from a chance to steal the show in Colorado, are an afterthought compared to a Broncos preseason game, one in which the starters were done by half time.

This is the time of year when fans should be paying attention to the Broncos in the background, knowing that the games a few miles away at Sports Authority Field don't mean as much as the one being played at Coors Field.

However, that simply isn't the case for the Rockies. Their games have been an exercise in futility since the beginning of June.

With Peyton Manning taking center stage in Denver, the Rockies have been relegated to the little brother who only needs gets attention every now and then. Frankly, they have done that to themselves.

With the attention off of the Rockies, the reality is, they have suddenly become more interesting to watch. The young players have started to make an impact. Wilin Rosario went 2-for-4 with a double and a single. The only reason the single didn't go for his second double of the night was because third base umpire Dan Belino got nailed with the ball as it was screaming down the line.

Although his second half hasn't been as good as his impressive first half, Tyler Colvin is still making an impact. He recorded three hits on Saturday night, including three RBIs, two of which came in the 9th inning with two outs.

The Rockies should be an interesting team to follow through the offseason. They seem to almost be back in the mode that they were in around 2006 when a fresh group of prospects began to make a splash at the big league level. Of course, no one is saying that the Rockies are going to make a surprise trip to the World Series one year from now, however, they seem to have the talent to make a quick turnaround.

That turnaround could be greatly aided by the moves that the front office will either make, or chose not to make in the offseason. Will they retain Dan O'Dowd, and ultimately Jim Tracy, or will they make a change at the top, which would ultimately lead to a new manager, and a new way of playing baseball, being put into place.

This team is starting to discover an identity. It is encouraging to see, especially considering how bad things have been in 2012. The reality is, the Rockies are in a huge hurry to have nearly everyone forget that 2012 existed. However, it may have been necessary to send this team in the direction that they need to go to be the most successful in the shortest amount of time.

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  1. Thanks for finally mentioning Tyler Colvin and his contribution to the team. He gets overlooked far too often!

  2. This comment isn't directed to this latest article by David, but I had a thought I'd like to share. I suppose others have said and thought the same, but I haven't seen or heard it and so will post.

    This team needs to add top rank arms and with the play of Josh Rutledge Tulo is looking like excess baggage. I don't know the team from the inside, but TT never seemed up for the leadership job that was thrust on him. He tries to talk the talk, but every so often his arrogant punk side comes out and trashes any progress he makes toward real leadership. I'll bet he is a big part of the clubhouse culture that stunk so badly. He is so angry-intense that he can't even keep himself together, let alone lead the team to greatness.

    The team seems renewed now because of a bunch of talented young guys who have something to play for. Tulo had nothing to play for other than redemption of his reputation and justification for his fat contract.

    Thanks for the great column/blog.


    1. Jamie-
      First, thank you for the compliment.

      Second, I have taken a lot of heat for my position on Tulo not being an exceptional leader. When Ubaldo Jimenez drilled him in spring training I said that there is far more to the story. Clearly Jimenez was upset, and I think it goes beyond jealousy. I think there was some leadership and respect issues.

      My position as of now? Tulo is simply too good of a player to trade. In my opinion, he is a one in a decade kind of player. His talent is off the charts. He is still young. I think the game, and injuries will help to mature him. However, he isn't there yet. I hold out hope that he gets there soon.

      As far as trading him for a top-notch pitcher, I just think that is too risky. The Rockies already help Coors Field to get into guy's heads, and the reality is, with injuries and other factors, I just don't think trading for a pitcher is the right thing to do in Colorado.

      Bottom line for me? The Rockies pitchers are talented enough to keep the team in games. If Chacin, Nicasio and Friedrich come back healthy, I really think that the rotation is in the middle of the National League pack. Couple that with a powerful offense, and the Rockies have no excuse not to contend.

      Thanks for reading, I appreciate it.