Monday, August 13, 2012

Colorado Rockies youth continues to shine in return to Coors Field

The Rockies have found success from some unlikely sources.
When the Colorado Rockies broke camp in early April, no one anticipated an August lineup that included Eric Young, Jr., DJ LaMahieu, Jonathan Herrera, and Chris Nelson in the same night.

However, that lineup helped the Rockies score eight runs in the first three innings, propelling the team to a 9-6 victory over the Milwaukee Brewers on Monday night at Coors Field.

The reality is, the players that were in the lineup on Monday night are the reason that the past week has been better than the majority of weeks that the 2012 Colorado Rockies have experienced.

The lineup has never been the problem, the pitching, obviously, has been the overwhelming issue. However, many of the players who were either in bench roles, like EY, or were in the minors, like LaMahieu, have suddenly made a large impact on the energy that the Rockies are playing with.

LaMahieu, acquired in the Ian Stewart trade with the Chicago Cubs, continues to play well. On Monday night he went a perfect 4-for-4 with two RBIs. He has played a solid second base and has been a contributor since coming back to the big leagues on July 21st.

Young continues his torrid pace. He went 2-for-5 on Monday night, lacing a first inning double to get the Rockies rally started. His batting average sits at .309.

Throw in Josh Rutledge, who found himself on the bench in the club's return to Coors Field, and the verdict is in that this Rockies team has some very exciting young players to watch. Even though EY doesn't necessarily fall into the 'young' category anymore, he is playing with an energy and excitement that seems to be a spark for the team.

The Rockies are on the road to their worst season ever. They are almost certainly guaranteed to finish the 2012 campaign at the bottom of the National League West. However, while most fans are quickly turning their attention towards the Broncos new season, there still might be some reason to continue watching.

Of course, the issue with the Rockies isn't about the players on the field. The issues that have held this team back start in the front office. The dysfunctional aspects of this team come from the fact that from the top down, they continue to use Coors Field as an excuse instead of an advantage. This team truly believes that they are at a disadvantage because they play at altitude.

Until that mindset changes, it is understandably difficult for Rockies fans to get excited about any of the talent on the field, regardless of how exciting they are to watch.

Fans need to see that this team is focused on winning instead of pitching gimmicks that have caused more harm to their pitchers arms as well as their confidence than simply committing to teaching the basics of pitching to the young pitchers that the team is in the process of developing.

The Rockies very well may go back to conventional baseball. They may realize that they need to quit over thinking their environment and start going back to basics. It might take a minor miracle for that to happen, but Dan O'Dowd seems like he has tried nearly everything in order to win, and when this isn't working, it may help him come full circle and go back to simply putting a rotation on the mound that throws strikes low in the zone that has a team behind them that fields and throws very well.

If that happens, the Rockies could quickly bounce back and at least be a respectable team in 2013.

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  1. Most of the problem like we all know is three reasons Pitching, Pitching, and coaching. They have traded some of the best Pitchers, away. they are not happy. They have to ask themselves why not? Someone in that org. I think (higher up) the Players hate, the only way they can do to get back, is to play poorly.