Wednesday, August 1, 2012

False Alarm: O'Dowd still in charge of Colorado Rockies for now

The rumors were squelched for the time being this morning by the Colorado Rockies. Dan O'Dowd is still the man in charge of the ball club. For now.

"For now" are the two words that everyone should be paying attention to.

Late Tuesday night, Rich "G-Man" Goins, former 103.5 the Fox morning show host and friend of the Rockies, called in to Andy Lindahl's show after the game on  850 KOA and reported that O'Dowd had been relieved of his duties as general manager and been re-assigned within the organization.

Twitter went crazy with the news. Many fans were excited, while others were hesitant to believe the news.

Another source confirmed that he had seen a text message string from a mutual friend of O'Dowd that earlier in the day had suggested that his future had been decided and that he wouldn't be the GM of the Rockies after the 2012. However, when news broke that night, it seemed quick.

Speculation would suggest that that the conversation was leaked around and that is how the rumor got out. My guess is that the Rockies have made their decision, but that they are waiting to move forward with this decision until the season is over. However, word got out that the decision was made, which stirred the rumor pot.

Joel Klatt said on his radio show this morning that his sources say that O'Dowd is still the man in charge "for now."

Again, speculating, when a franchise, or sources within a franchise, use words like "for now" it doesn't suggest that the rumors were false, just early.

It should be interesting to watch the O'Dowd saga unfold. Will he be dismissed before the end of the season, after the season is over, or to the disappointment of many Rockies fans, retained as GM moving forward?

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