Sunday, August 12, 2012

Standard loss for Colorado Rockies on Saturday against Giants

The Rockies lost a predictable game on Saturday.
Frankly, watching the Colorado Rockies play on Saturday afternoon was a waste of a weekend day.

The matchup may have looked intriguing before the game started, and with the Rockies coming off of an impressive 3-0 victory on Friday night, seeing if this team could build on something good was reason enough to pay a little attention.

Matt Cain, honored the night before for hurling a perfect game earlier in the season, was facing Rockies rookie Drew Pomeranz. It was a chance for Pomeranz to step up his game and oppose one of the leagues better pitchers and give his team a chance.

However, without his best stuff, Pomeranz struggled and gave up four runs in four innings. When a guy like Cain is spotted a four run lead, the reality is, the ballgame is generally over.

That was the case Saturday, as the all-star battled his way through the Rockies lineup, with a little help from Jim Tracy.

At this point, it is piling on, but why Ramon Hernandez was ever in the cleanup spot in the lineup is beyond logic. The move allowed the Giants to play it safe with Carlos Gonzalez, not intentionally walking him, but not giving him anything that he could do serious damage with. The one pitch Gonzalez had a chance to drive, he ripped right to first base with two runners on, nearly ending a threat when Josh Rutledge barely got back to first base on what would have been an unassisted double play.

The positive for the Rockies is that they have a real chance to win a road trip against two of the best teams in the National League West. With a win on Sunday, a very real possibility considering the way Alex White has pitched since his return to the big leagues, the Rockies would head back to Coors Field with a 4-2 road trip. Anyone watching this team would have been content with that number being flipped around, so a winning road trip would be a huge boost for a team that has failed to reach even the biggest pessimists predictions.

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