Monday, August 20, 2012

Tyler Colvin continues to be a great pickup for the Colorado Rockies

Tyler Colvin has been a great addition to the Rockies.
As much heat as Dan O'Dowd takes, there is one thing that is certain. His trade of Ian Stewart and Casey Weathers to the Chicago Cubs for Tyler Colvin and DJ LeMahieu was a huge win for the Colorado Rockies.

On Monday night, the Rockies got another huge game from Colvin. The 26-year-old recorded two of the Rockies six hits on the night. He also was the first to conquer one of the National League's best starting pitchers in RA Dickey. The knuckleballer owned the Rockies lineup until Colvin came to the plate in the 5th inning and launched a knuckleball deep into the upper deck at Citi Field. The bomb tied the game at one and gave the Rockies hope.

Colvin recorded his second hit in the 9th inning, pushing Dexter Fowler to third base and setting up a Ramon Hernandez RBI immediately afterwards as the Rockies added an insurance run.

The Rockies were in need of someone to step up and lead the offense. It seems that anyone who has contributed to any sort of success on this team at the plate has found themselves either on the disabled list, or available only in emergency situations. Joining the long list of injured Rockies includes Eric Young and Josh Rutledge. Michael Cuddyer also finds himself back on the disabled list after re-aggravating his strained oblique on Saturday night.

Colvin not only contributed offensively, he played well at first base. He snagged a Jordany Valdespin smash down the first base line in the 8th inning, collected himself and threw to Matt Belisle covering the bag to barely beat the runner. The out ended the Mets threat in the 8th inning when the Rockies held a one run lead.

The lineup for the Rockies consisted of only three players who were in the starting lineup on Opening Day in Houston. As the injuries have mounted for the Rockies lineup, the team is in desperate need for some of the young hitters to step up and fill the gap of the veterans who are on the disabled list. With the pitching situation, the Rockies don't have the opportunity to not score runs. That means the guys called up from the minors really need to play above their pay grade.

On the mound for the Rockies, Alex White was solid. He only made it through four innings, throwing 83 pitches, but he only allowed one run. He struck out four and walked two, which led to the high pitch count. White is improving, but throwing just four innings isn't going to impress anyone.

At some point, the Rockies need to decide if they are helping their young pitchers improve, or if they are hindering their development with their 75-pitch, 4-man rotation theory. Two days in a row, the Rockies got similar performances from both of their young starting pitchers in White and Drew Pomeranz. Their inefficiencies hold them back. However, if they were able to hit the 100 to 110 pitch mark, would they start pitching better? Would they not have the overarching feeling that they only have 75 pitches to get the job done and feel the pressure of having to be perfect in order to record a win?

The goal for the rest of the Rockies season is to see who is good enough to stick around, who needs more time in the minors, and who needs to find out if they can be valuable to another organization. It is also a time where the Rockies need to overemphasize that winning is important. They need to avoid the 100-loss mark, and make it a goal to stay as far from that number as possible.

The reality is, spring training has started for 2013 for this Rockies franchise. They get the opportunity to prepare for 2013 for far longer than most teams. Because they have been so bad, they get an extended look to see where they need to get better, and what parts are good enough. They must take advantage of this time and fix the things that are broken.

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