Sunday, September 23, 2012

Colorado Rockies continue to be their own worst enemy

This man is the wrong guy for the job.
The same story has been written over and over again.

The Colorado Rockies pulled their starting pitcher after four innings because his pitch count was above the limit. In spite of the fact that Jhoulys Chacin was rolling right along after his rough first inning meant nothing.

As the story so often plays out, the guy who replaced him gave up more runs and snatched a defeat from the jaws of victory.

On Saturday night it was Carlos Torres who gave up the runs. After pitching a perfect 5th inning in relief, the right-hander blew up, giving up five runs and eliminating a 5-3 lead the Rockies had given themselves after Chacin's rough 1st inning put the Rockies down by three runs.

At this point, it really isn't even worth going into the details about why the Rockies pitching theory bit them again. Those facts seemingly creep up three times per week. The reality is simple and anyone who doesn't see it isn't looking. The pitching theory isn't working, and it won't work. It doesn't make any sense, and the Rockies, who admittedly will abandon the theory in 2013, continue with the theory in 2012 for unknown reasons.

The latest debacle gave the Rockies their eighth consecutive loss. What once looked like a bad season with a good ending is suddenly turning into a season with very few positives. As Mark Townsend pointed out on Thursday, this team is built on excuses. When the manager of a baseball team is trying to get people to believe his excuse that he is managing a rookie team after a season like this is absolutely unbelievable.

Does Tracy believe this himself? The answer might be yes.

The quote tells fans everything that they need to know. With the team playing the way they have played since long before most of the rookies took the field, the Rockies management wasn't looking at themselves in the mirror and asking what they could be doing better, they were blaming others, finding excuses and burying their heads so far in the sand that they will never return?

Tracy believes that the reason this season has been a failure is due to the inexperience and youth of the team that has been on the field for the past three months. If he truly believes that, he belongs nowhere near a baseball field. If he honestly thinks the struggles of this team are due to youth, he hasn't been watching all season long.

The struggles of this Rockies team has nothing to do with youth. In fact, one of the few reasons that they have actually found success before this most recent skid can be chalked up to the youth. If anything, the rookies have provided a boost that the team wasn't getting before that from the veterans.

What it says is that if the Rockies don't see at least Jim Tracy as a problem, if they continue to think a guy who believes what that quote says is the right guy for the job, then they deserve all of the criticism, and so much more. They deserve to be mocked. They don't deserve their fans patience, and frankly, they are completely clueless as to how to build a winning team.

The Rockies seem to hit a new rock bottom every week in this 2012 season. However, the recent quotes from Tracy indicate that the ship simply continues to sink into a huge black hole and no one has any plans to change that any time soon.

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  1. Onward......into the baseball abyss.

  2. Everything the Rockies do STINKS. They don't give damn about the fans. The bottom line- MONEY. Bet $100 Michael Cudyere is gone. Save $20 Million and put it in your pocket. Don't bother getting a number 1, 2, 3 or 4 pitcher to go with the Minor leaguers you have. Oh' got an idea- raise the price of beer to $10.00 spend give Dan O-DUDE a raise, Promote Bob Adaka to clubhouse specail assistant - raise his salary to 2 Milliaon. Give the all the minor leage scouts a big bonus for finding Troy Tulowitski. Oh boy are we going to have a great team or what.