Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Colorado Rockies nearly no-hit in Atlanta

The end is near for the 2012 Rockies.
It almost would have been fitting for the 2012 Colorado Rockies to have a no-hitter thrown against them. It looked like it might happen for six innings as the Braves held on to a 1-0 win in Atlanta on Wednesday night.

More fitting, Jordan Pacheco was the Rockie who ended the no-hit bid with his single in the top of the 7th inning.

Despite being dominated by Braves pitcher Mike Minor for the majority of the night, the pitching staff did a great job of keeping the offense in the game. Once the Rockies finally broke through, they had a couple of opportunities to actually win the game. After Pacheco's 7th inning single, he immediately stole second base, giving his teammates three outs to record another base hit to tie the game up.

Minor, however, sandwiched a walk to Andrew Brown with three strikeouts to Ramon Hernandez, Chris Nelson and DJ LeMahieu. Without Pacheco's single, the Rockies would have been looking at going to the 8th inning without a knock.

In the following inning, the Rockies were able to get runners on first and third base with one out before Carlos Gonzalez and Pacheco struck out to end the threat.

The Rockies may not have won the game, but they got a good sign of encouragement from their pitching staff. Despite Alex White walking four batters, and Adam Ottavino following suit with three walks of his own, the pitching staff combined to only allow the one run, and that run was unearned, coming on a throwing error by Josh Rutledge.

The pitching staff combined to only give up four hits on the night. They also induced two ground ball double plays that helped them get out of trouble with runners on base.

At this point, the Rockies are playing out the stretch of games, trying their best to get people who they believe might be impact players in future seasons. Almost like spring training, at this point in a season that isn't going anywhere, the results from the game don't really matter anymore. Of course, winning is always a good thing, but the focus isn't about winning at all costs like it might have been earlier in the season.

The reality is, the remaining four weeks of the 2012 season might become less and less compelling to watch for fans. The team finally started playing well in August, but September will look quite a bit different for this team as the end draws near.

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