Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Colorado Rockies play to predictable outcome in San Francisco

The misery of 2012 is almost over for Rockies fans.
For those still paying attention, for those not completely engrossed by the Denver Broncos season of hope, Colorado Rockies fans continue to suffer.

The only thing worse than a season in which the Rockies are trying desperately to not lose more than 95 games is having to deal with late-season games in San Francisco. The Rockies lost on Tuesday night 6-3 at AT&T Park. However, the reality is, fans could simply DVR any game of their choice in San Francisco, then re-watch that game and they would understand the basic concept of that game.

They all go the same. The Rockies can't figure out the Giants starting pitcher, the Rockies starting pitcher does well, but the Giants scratch a run or two across to take a small lead. The Rockies then get a few guys on base, only to fail to get the runners across the plate. The Giants then score a couple more runs to squelch any hope for Colorado. The Rockies generally put up a run or two late, but it is never enough.

Of course, the games aren't all that simple. But frankly, it's close. Despite what usually ends up being a low scoring game, the game creeps along, making fans back in Colorado wonder what it is going to feel like when the alarm clock goes off the next morning.

The Rockies are in the midst of their third consecutive brutal September. That comes with the territory when the light at the end of a long tunnel starts to get closer. Would anyone be surprised if these players were thinking about their early October vacations with their families instead of the task at hand?

When the Rockies run into teams like the Giants, the disparity in the motivation is so blatant that it is hard to ignore. The Giants are focusing on their postseason run. They are focused on locking down the National League West title and making a run at the World Series.

When a team is focused on winning a championship, and they run across a team that sees the end in sight, the results usually end up similar to what the Rockies saw on Tuesday night.

The positives for the Rockies on Tuesday night include Wilin Rosario smashing his 25th home run of the season. That number is significant because it ties Todd Helton for the most home runs by a rookie in franchise history. For all of the complaints about Rosario behind the plate, most of which is deserved, the catcher has been a huge positive at the plate. There is little doubt that the Rockies didn't expect his offense to be as good as it has been.

If Rosario can work hard and improve his defense in the offseason, learning how to block balls properly, he could be an All-Star in 2013. If Rosario can perform to that level, Troy Tulowitzki can be healthy and Carlos Gonzalez can continue to hit, the Rockies could have an incredible lineup.

Of course, the Rockies and their fans might need some time to wash away the memories of 2012 before they turn their focus over to 2013. The disappointment of the 2012 season has left Rockies fans longing for the offseason. If the fans feel that way, the players in the clubhouse must be pretty close to that feeling as well. Soon enough, it will all be over.

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