Sunday, September 30, 2012

Colorado Rockies swept in pitiful weekend in Los Angeles

Time for changes in Colorado.
What is more sad, the fact that the Colorado Rockies scored one run all season long, or the fact that it came as no surprise to those who have followed the team all season long?

Perhaps the biggest punishment for a team that has been out of the race for months is having to play out the final string of games. Even three weeks ago, there are things to accomplish and reasons to play hard. The final week of the season, however, has felt like three months. It just won't end.

The season mercifully comes to an end after just three more games. The Rockies have one thing left to play for in the final series. Plain and simple, they must find a way to win just one of the games. If they get swept, which is a strong possibility after showing zero heart in Los Angeles, they will have completed their first-ever 100-loss season.

Many fans have commented how the difference between 99 losses and 100 losses isn't a big deal, but the fact is, the black eye is even worse if the team hits triple digits in losses. The dreaded 100-loss mark is far worse than 99. Sure, it is just one more loss, but 100-losses is the ultimate sign of not just a bad team, but a terrible team. It is the ultimate sign of a team in complete disarray. Even the expansion Rockies of 1993 only lost 95 games.

Whether or not the Rockies lose 100 games or not, if ownership doesn't decide that it is time for major changes in the front office, they might be in for the biggest surprise of their business lives.

The fans of this team have been extremely forgiving. The honeymoon for the Rockies has lasted 20 years. After completing the "Year of the Fan," the fans have had enough. Winning wasn't the most important thing for a town that had been deprived of baseball for so long. Twenty years into Major League Baseball in the state has created a new generation of fans. These fans want a winner. They won't be content with a team that simply shows up and gives them a reason to spend a summer night in a beautiful setting.

These fans are over the excuses. They are tired of a franchise that has consistently had built-in reasons for failure. These fans no longer want to be the underdog. They aren't interested in being lovable losers. These fans want a team that wins, or at least has a chance to win on any given night.

If the front office doesn't change in some way, shape or form, the backlash could be big. This franchise has successfully chased away most of the bandwagon fans that jumped on board during the playoff runs of 2007 and 2009. The fans that remain are loyal, but at some point need to feel like the franchise that they root for, and more importantly, spend money on, has the same desire to win that they do.

If changes aren't made, the 30,000 fans that pour through the gates every night at Coors Field could easily dwindle down to the neighborhood of 15-20,000.

Coors Field used to be entertaining. Even a bad Rockies team put together a lineup that could slug their way back into games. Even if that same team went on the road and struggled, they were entertaining at home. Those days are over. The Rockies simply weren't very entertaining at home in 2012. The pitching staff was so bad that the offense could score as many runs as possible, and the opposition would go right back out and add to their lead.

The Rockies simply need to make changes. The time is now. It isn't time to get rid of a coach or two, or even to fire Jim Tracy and move forward. Full blown changes are in order. It needs to happen to regain their loyal fans trust. They need to show the desire to win. Most fans believe that changing the players won't help this team win as long as the same front office is calling the shots.

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  1. AMEN to your comments of such a sad, sad, season. i'll make this comment short and it must be looked at. 1993 when the Rockies entered the sport of baseball, 20 years later to the year 2013 the coach they need and he chooses who he wants as his coaches is drum roll please DON BAYLOR

    1. Not sure what that last sentence meant, but I hope you're not asking for a return of Baylor.

  2. current owners are clueless...........either they are completely inept baseball people, or they don't give a damn about anything other than money in their pocket.

    this organization is so "boring", a true baseball person will find an out of town team to follow.

  3. The Rockie's owner/management are the kings of excuse making. Without significant change, the failure will continue.

  4. I have ceased to watch the Rockies on TV on this road trip. I just hope that I see another loss for them in the paper the next day. I've been saying for some time that a 100 loss season has a stigma to it and emphasizes how bad the Rox front office is. It proves that the Monfort bros don't care because in their mind, they have the best GM in baseball. Morons!

    We all need to call/write the Rox office and tell them that we won't attend any games in 2013 till Gebhard is fired and replaced with a real GM. Do the same by calling/writing to 850KOA and Root Sports and tell them that you are boycotting the Rox and won't watch or listen to any broadcasts of the Rox until heads roll in the Rox front office.

    Why are the Rox so much in love with EY Jr? Yeah, he has speed but speed only helps when you can get on base? Why don't them trade him? I hope that they don't trade Fowler. I'd like them to trade Tulo for a top quality starting pitcher. Rutledge is proving to be more than adequate at SS.