Thursday, September 20, 2012

De La Rosa returns to the mound for Colorado Rockies, lose anyway

Jorge De La Rosa made his return to the mound on Thursday
The Colorado Rockies got perhaps their best news of the entire 2012 season. Jorge De La Rosa, out since the end of May 2011, made his return to the mound.

As good as it was for the Rockies to get De La Rosa back, it didn't end up as good as what the club was hoping. The lefty was removed from the game after giving up six runs, five earned, on seven hits. He struck out one and walked one.

Despite the loss, the final score was 9-2 Giants, the return is encouraging. It is important for De La Rosa to get in a few starts at the big league level when the games don't really matter all that much. De La Rosa has struggled with controlling his emotions and remaining confident on the mound. The two or three starts that he gets before the end of the season should go a long way to relieve some of the issues that might creep up in the confidence department.

Wins and losses haven't really mattered for several months. However, the club is starting to develop a disturbing trend. Since September 19th of 2010, the Rockies are a dismal 15-42 record in September.

The Rockies in both 2011 and 2012 have been long out of the race. However, the trend is a sign of deeper issues. The trend suggests the heart and the character that the Rockies play with. It suggests that there isn't any discipline within the clubhouse, as players start to lose focus and start to think about their October vacation plans or anything other than baseball.

The past two seasons, the Rockies have blamed their players. They have said that it was their fault for quitting and not finishing what they started. However, as this starts to happen once again, the question has to be asked, who is responsible for the lack of discipline. The clubhouse has been turned over. The players are almost completely different. At some point, the guys who both put the players on the roster, or the guy who sits in the office next to the clubhouse.

The reality is, it is simply time for the Rockies front office to take responsibility. It might be the players fault for the horrid season that has become the 2012 Colorado Rockies. However, those guys are the ones who put the uniform on those players backs. It is their fault that these group of players are Rockies. Yet, the front office still wants to blame the talent.

Those making decisions at 20th & Blake are so insecure about criticism that they must deflect anything that is negatively said about them. If they believe that their moves are what is best for this team long term, they should be willing to talk about their decisions. They should be willing to let the criticism roll off of their backs. Instead, they confirm that they aren't exactly sure which direction they are headed when they get offended by local radio hosts criticize them, when columnists write disparaging things in the newspaper about them they get defensive. People who are confident in what they are doing don't need to respond to the critics or get upset by them.

In fact, when the Rockies were in the midst of their GenR campaign that eventually led them to the 2007 World Series, when the critics were at their loudest, the Rockies were confident that their plan would work. They didn't get defensive, they simply confidently went about their business, knowing that eventually, they would be proved correct.

As the season winds down, as the Rockies slump back towards the 100 loss mark, there must be thoughts from ownership that it is time to relieve their friends from the duty that they have been failing at for the past three years. At some point, there must be accountability. Fans are starting to grumble. They aren't happy. The minority is no longer those wanting changes. The majority of fans is looking for some sort of change, if not a clean sweep. If the Rockies don't make changes, the morale of fans will be at an all time low. Right now they are a joke to fans and residents of Colorado. If they continue down this path, they will go from being a joke, to simply being insignificant.

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  1. Gee, even rookies could do better without the morale-crushing comments. Doesn't management ever question things like why our former players do so well when they are traded away, i e, Scutaro?