Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Colorado Rockies lose to Diamondbacks thanks to bad managing

Guillermo Moscoso was at-bat in the game's most crucial moment.
The Colorado Rockies have been writing the same story over and over again. With one night left in the season, there was no reason to change the script.

The game ended on a walk-off 3-run homer off the bat of Aaron Hill, but the turning point came much earlier than that.

With starting pitcher Jhoulys Chacin rolling along, Jim Tracy removed him from the game once he hit 75 pitches. Chacin was throwing a shutout. His stuff was working and the Diamondbacks had barely even made a threat. He gave up three hits, walked two and struck out four in his five innings of work.

Chacin gave way to Guillermo Moscoso with a 1-0 lead. Moscoso, who has been anything but spectacular in his first season as a Colorado Rockie. Tuesday night was no different. In his first inning of work he was able to wiggle out of a two-on-no-out jam. Then, in the top of the 7th inning, the Rockies had a runner at third base with two outs. The Diamondbacks elected to walk Jonathan Herrera to face the pitchers spot.

Earlier in the season the move would have caused outrage among Rockies fans. However, in game 161 this has become the norm. Tracy allowed Moscoso to hit for himself. With very little chance, the pitcher struck out after Herrera had stolen second base. The move essentially gave up on two insurance runs that the team quickly realized they needed.

Moscoso, who clearly wasn't on his game in the previous inning, then trotted back to the mound in the 7th inning and promptly gave up a double and a home run to give up the Rockies small lead.

Of course, the bench is short. There is no reason why the bench should be short, considering the fact that clubs can carry 40 men at this time of year. However, even with a short bench, there is no reason not to use a pinch hitter in that situation. None. The reality is, in a nine inning game, a team only gets so many chances with runners at second and third base. A base hit would have put the Rockies up 3-0 and changed the course of the rest of the game.

Instead, the team had to battle back, get a clutch hit from Jordan Pacheco to score two runs, and then eventually gave up a walk-off three run homer to lose the game.

Games like Tuesday night's are what those following the Rockies all season long have had to deal with. The logic is simply missing. There is no explanation for some of the moves that the Rockies have been making all season long. The moves may be being made by Jim Tracy, or they may be decided by those above him. Bill Geivett and Dan O'Dowd very well may be deciding what Tracy decides in that situation. However, Tracy has to be the one to take the fall for it. He is the one who pulls the trigger and must take some blame for it.

This weekend's meeting between Tracy and Geivett will tell whether or not these are the last days of Tracy allowing his relief pitchers to swing the bat. Rockies fans can only hope that whatever changes are made, they will end up making a difference in the way the team goes about things.

The Rockies conclude their worst season ever on Wednesday night in Arizona. The end is finally here for a season that crashed and burned before it ever got out of the blocks.

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  1. Worst manager in baseball by far. It is amazing this man has a job.

  2. what the heck (for better choice of words) was that move last night pulling Chacin. the kid was having fun and rolling along pitching a shut out. then tracy pulls him cause he threw 75 pitches. GIVE ME A BREAK a winter break and get rid of Tracy. but if you listened to Monfort (the owner)according to him those changes won't be made. for the sake of attendance and support of the Rockies he better make some drastic changes starting with Danny boy.

  3. Hit the nail right on the head. Jim Tracy has had some serious issues managing this team. And Bonehead decisions is probably the biggest one. He basically gives away EVERY Sunday game by resting sometimes 5 or 6 starters (EVERY SUNDAY). Pitchers hitting for themselves late in games then not going to the mound. If these decisions are being made upstairs they ALL NEED TO GO. I could do a better job of managing a line up and my only experience other than playing when I was a kid was 15 yrs of little league coaching. If there aren't major changes in management and coaching for next season, I am afraid it will only mean more of the same in the future.

  4. Hello everyone. Hey quit your bitching. Monfort is in charge. Fire Monfort.....that is the only way a winner can be developed.
    Then fire Tracy, a micromanaging misfit who isn't capable.

  5. why Mr. Tracy was resting Mr. Chacin for next year.
    Isn't that obvious. Winning today isn't "tinkering Tracy's" mantra...........and never will be.
    And you must also indict Monfort for gross negligence and ban them from the bench.

  6. They should send Tracy to a refresher managing course over the off season. I hear there is a great place in the Apple Chains for such a purpose