Friday, October 26, 2012

Matt Williams looks like he could be the next Colorado Rockies manager

Matt Williams could be the next Rockies manager.
The Colorado Rockies have definitely gone outside the box in their search for a new manager.

Initially, the news that Jason Giambi was a serious candidate to step away from playing and immediately become a big league manager was enough to get most people talking, even those outside of Colorado.

The Rockies initially interviewed Giambi and bench coach Tom Runnells after Jim Tracy surprised the organization with his resignation nearly three weeks ago. It looked like the Rockies might not even interview anyone outside of the organization until early in the week.

The first name to pop up from outside of the organization was San Francisco Giants bench coach Ron Wotus. The name isn't one many have heard about, but as the right-hand man to Bruce Bochy, who has successfully led two teams to the World Series in three years, all of which haven't been jam-packed with superstars, allows the Rockies to believe that he could be a viable candidate.

News also surfaced that the Rockies have interviewed former shortstop Walt Weiss. The former American League Rookie of the Year was an assistant to general manager Dan O'Dowd for several years and is currently coaching at Regis Jesuit High School.

However, the name that seems to be atop of the list after external interviews looks to be Matt Williams. The Diamondbacks third base coach, and former big leaguer would provide a different approach. He played the game hard-nosed. He was gritty and played a solid third base in the big leagues, despite his large frame.

Working under Kirk Gibson would suggest that Williams would have a "no-excuses" attitude in the clubhouse.

Williams was a part of three World Series teams in his playing career. First with San Francisco, then with Cleveland, and he finally finished on top when he won a ring with the Diamondbacks in 2001. That experience may translate well to a team who is looking for someone who knows how to win.

Don't be surprised to see Williams name continue to surface. He seems like the front-runner at this point. With Bill Gievett leading the charge for hiring a new manager, it seems like he will make a statement with his hire, and Williams might just be the right guy for that statement.

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  1. have they told mr. williams about the 75 pitch count, and that he will be channel 1 on there remote control button. NOT

  2. change the manager..........won't make a difference.......Rockies are forlornly like the Cubs.
    Perennial losers because of ownership incompetence.