Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How will the Colorado Rockies do in 2013?

Jhoulys Chacin must perform well for the Rockies.
Baseball is almost back!

I was asked by Chat Sports to write a preview on how the Colorado Rockies would do in 2013. A quick preview would suggest that this team has some talent, and really could surprise some people, but it is going to take everything going perfect for that to happen.

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As the Rockies roll into spring training, come back for more Rockies information and analysis.

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  1. get away from the 75 pitch count and let the pitcher pitch, for good or bad, as long as they keep the game close and with the rockies having the #4 batting lineup in the nl west, they should make some noise and be there at the end.

  2. I wanted to address the O'Dowd excuse of the high altitude ballpark in which we play 50% of our games. Fact is, thinner air effects the bite of the ball. But, we are always playing another team with less experience in coping with the effects of the thin air and that ought to confer a net advantage to our pitchers. They play here all the time, have learned which of their pitches work well and which don't do what they expect. They can make adjustments to the way they throw breaking pitches to get the movement they need to fool Major League batters. And, fact is, we have had pitchers who have been highly effective and the organization should have built up a body of knowledge about how to cope. Other teams haven't had that opportunity and are way behind the curve when it comes to playing up here. And, maybe I have some sympathy for the long term effect on our pitchers but there are many ways to deal with that other than the bone-headed 5 inning limit, which gave our overworked relievers even more innings and had the opposite effect, just like anyone with half a brain could guess it would!

    If our guys stay healthy and Danny Boy shuts his mouth and lets them play we will do sell this year.