Monday, April 8, 2013

Different year, same story in San Francisco for Colorado Rockies

De La Rosa was good, but made one big mistake on Monday.
If you've seen the Colorado Rockies play in San Francisco once, you've seen them play there 100 times.

Different years, different teams, same results. Over and over again.

The story essentially writes itself. A pitcher's duel where the Giants take an early lead followed by the Rockies scrapping a run or two across to get close, followed by an inning where the Rockies have a chance before the meat of the lineup waves at bad pitches and either strikes out or grounds out weakly. The Giants then add a run late, making the runner that the Rockies get in the 9th inning less important than he would have been an inning prior.

Who needs to stay up late to watch the end of another west coast game when the result is the same?

What for it's worth, Rockies starter Jorge De La Rosa looked very good. He made one mistake, and in San Francisco, one mistake can cost a pitcher. It did on Monday night, as Hunter Pence launched a three-run first pitch homer to left field. In AT&T Park, a three run lead may as well be a nine run lead.

The Rockies did their best to scratch back against Giants starter Madison Bumgarner. Carlos Gonzalez launched an absolute bomb into McCovey Cove, well over the right-center field fence, to put the Rockies back into striking distance. They got another run in the 6th, but failed to score with runners on base in the 7th inning and the 9th inning.

It might feel like the Rockies play 30 games per year in San Francisco, but the reality is that they only play their nine times. The good news is, they only have eight more to go. If they can find a way to steal three or four games in that park over the course of a season, they will be in good shape.

One loss in San Francisco should not depress the Rockies or their fans. This is a team that sits at 5-2 overall. If someone would have told most people that through seven games that the Rockies would have this record, the vast majority would be thrilled.

There is plenty to be excited about for the Rockies. As everyone knows, this Rockies team is going to hit. They might only score two runs at AT&T Park, but in the majority of stadiums, especially at Coors Field, this team is going to be able to keep themselves in the game with their bats alone.

The biggest question mark for the Rockies is their starting pitching. However, through seven games, the Rockies have not only had acceptable starting pitching, they have had phenomenal starting pitching. With the exception of the three run homer that De La Rosa gave up in the 1st inning, his outing was overall very good. He gave up a total of six hits, walking only one batter. He struck out two, and used just 76 pitches to get through six innings.

It may be early, but one thing is obvious so far in 2013. This Colorado Rockies team is going to be better than the team that went out and played lifeless baseball throughout the majority of 2012. The starting pitching was the big question mark coming into the season, with most believing that they would be atrocious. Instead, they have thrown out six very good starts in their seven appearances. They have shown that they might not be the best rotation in baseball, but they have the talent to give their offense a chance to win the game.

The trip to San Francisco gives the Rockies a good opportunity to see what they are made of. Not only are they playing in a park that plays completely different than their team is built for, but they are playing the world champions in that park. If they can pick up a game or even sneak out of town with two wins, they will be in very good shape.

The Rockies go for one of those wins on Tuesday night. Chances are good that it will be a low scoring game with the Giants taking an early lead and the Rockies being forced to crawl back into it.

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  1. Perfect summary David. Rox fans, keep the faith! We knew that it wasn't going to be all "beer and skittles" This is the first test to see if what Bichette has been preaching has sunk in yet. I want to see more of the "bulletproof two strike approach." So far, I am very encouraged when I hear Walt's approach after the game. He doesn't get too high or too low. This is a big game today (Tues.) because they see Zito tomorrow and he's always been tough on them. I hope that this ballclub develops into a team that others hate ot play. That really was the personality of the Blake Street Bombers of the 1990s. Braves pitching coach Leo Mazzone used to get so upset about playing the Rox. He said- "Hell! Those guys think they can hit anybody!! (Meaning that the Rockies weren't phased by Maddox, Glavine and Smoltz) Another thing was that the Bombers and Don Baylor didn't care if they won 14-12 or 10-7. I think that the Rockies' brass let themselves get intimidated by all of MLB's whining that Coors baseball wasn't "real baseball."Hogwash, just because it screws up all of Bill James' sabremetrics stuff doesn't make it any less "real baseball." (Let's trash the humidor!!) :-)

  2. rocks will finish dead last in their division...........some very good players,
    but a lousy team.

  3. I found nice photo collections of the game in here youd wanna check out.