Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Colorado Rockies struggles continue as Michael Cuddyer remains on fire

Michael Cuddyer deserves an All-Star appearance.
No one is more excited for a plane to touch down in Denver than the Colorado Rockies.

The baseball team that formerly looked like a contender ended a nine-game, three-city road trip on Wednesday after winning just two of the nine games in which they played. They now sit one game below .500.

Roy Oswalt, hailed as a hero to a struggling rotation, had his second consecutive less-than-impressive outing for the Rockies. It is early, and far too small of a sample size to make judgments from, but the veteran righty hasn't provided the boost that the Rockies have needed. With some definite signs of the old Oswalt, there is hope, but on Wednesday the results weren't there.

The Rockies didn't get enough offense to win on Wednesday, scoring just three runs on nine hits. It wasn't good enough to beat the Red Sox, who scored five early runs on Oswalt in the first three innings, then were shutout the rest of the way. It was enough, however, as the Sox completed the mini-sweep.

It is easy to point out the Rockies struggles. Every facet of the game is in a tailspin at this point. The starting pitchers haven't given enough length, which has made the bullpen wear thin. When the bullpen is good, the offense only scores three runs. It is becoming a serious problem.

However, from a positive standpoint, Michael Cuddyer continues to push the envelope for a spot on the National League All-Star team in New York. A week ago, Cuddyer had an outside shot at the game. After his performance on Wednesday, it would be a crime not to include him.

In a terrible road trip for the Rockies, Cuddyer stayed hot. On Wednesday he pushed his hitting streak to 23 games, a tie for the club record with his hitting coach, Dante Bichette. Most long hitting streaks include a few pieces of good luck, Cuddyer continues to crush the ball. On Wednesday continued the streak by launching not one but two home runs well over the green monster in left field.

The right fielder is suddenly hitting .344. He has 13 home runs and 45 RBIs.

Ironically, Cuddyer has received little credit for what he has accomplished. He has completed more than half of the feat while Troy Tulowitzki has been out with a broken rib. Someone has had to step up and help fill the gap. While it has become clear that the Rockies aren't the same without Tulo, don't blame Cuddyer for not doing what he can do.

The Rockies are in a tailspin. They desperately need to find their bats upon return to Coors Field. They need to get a good night sleep in their own beds and do whatever they can to get some runs on the board and gain some momentum before the Giants come to town over the weekend, followed by the Dodgers over the holiday. Despite the bad record, Los Angeles is playing far better of late. The addition of Yasiel Puig has given them a boost. They may not be contenders, but they can't be written off.

The crazy thing is that despite a 2-7 road trip, the Rockies are just three games behind the Diamondbacks in the National League West race. The disappointing part of that is that if the Rockies had found a way to win three more games on the road trip, something they easily could have done, they would be in a dead heat with the Diamondbacks.

The good news is, the Rockies are coming home. They are withing striking distance and they have seven games in the Mile High City before they go back on the road.

Coors Field may have never looked so good.

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  1. not gonna happen. striking distance to first place, nah, more like striking distance to last place. handwriting on the wall, sad but true they will not be contenders. to be a winner you have to be a winner, and as much as it has looked good here the first part of the season, just like there counterparts, the nuggets and broncos they will el foldo.

  2. owners/management are doing poor job of meshing talent available...........
    first base tandem very weak,
    trying to make a silk purse out of a sows ear with Garner, Francis...... now Oswalt.
    while Pomeranz has nothing more to learn at Colo Springs. shat has Bichette done to Tyler Colvin?
    day after day of tedious mismanagement.
    Rockies organization simply is not committed to winning.

  3. allstar game doesn't matter. Helton's legacy doesn't matter.
    Winning teams matter.........
    Alas Rockie owner/management isn't about winning.

  4. Rockies are a team ready to crack...........look for a 2 and 5 homestand, at best.
    lack of owner/management talent and committment to winning are the culprits.

  5. Since 1993, the Rockies have never won the division title.
    They have finished 4th or 5th 70%-80% of the time,
    The best predictor of the future is the past.
    So let's stop the silly talk of competing for a title or a wild card.

  6. go to the park to watch a deteriorating Helton, a frustrated Gonzales, an often injured Tulowitski, a poorly constructed 5 man starting rotation.
    catch the rocks on tv when the play is so agonizingly slow you almost pass out.
    no thanks.
    I'll check the box scores from time to time, and continue to beg for a change of owner/management, but this organization is simply not built to please fans who like to win.

  7. the latest loss proves Rocks are doomed.
    mistake by tired arm Belisle and
    an even dumber mistake by Weiss on offense.
    Mets 3 Rocks 2......and here come Giants & Dodgers.
    Kiss the season goodbye.

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  9. The fans deserve better than what the Rockies provide! We're sick & tired of the nonchalant play. Nice of Cargo to step up when Tulo went down(like he always does). What's he batting during this time, maybe .150%! We'll always love Todd, but come on! It's a shame. You go to the games and the stands are quiet. Fans are fed up with this loser sort of mentality and the ownership and managements' acceptance of it!

  10. here is what has to be done. sit helton for good,belisle, scahill, escalona, gone, trade tulo for quality pitchers, send nicasio along with oswalt back down to never return, granted that's asking alot as of now but what difference does it make who we have or don't have, WW, does not know how to manage his players. and also did you see how many people it takes to draft a player.i counted 18 no wonder there is not enough money to get quality players.

    1. Alright...I have to step in here. This is what bugs me. Fans continue to say "trade Tulo for good pitching." What does that mean? What team has multiple good pitchers that they are going to trade for a shortstop? Make some suggestions. You can't just say "trade Tulo for good pitching" when a scenario that would be satisfactory for the level that he play at isn't available.
      That suggestion may make you feel better, but it simply isn't realistic. You trade Tulo, you are getting four or five very good prospects, but you still have to develop them and hope they pan out. That is a move you make to help your team in three years, not in 2013.

  11. Kiss 2013 Goodbye...........
    if possible trade an injury prone Tulo to the Yanks........
    and guess where they will ask him to play......
    that's right first base.
    So forget the trade and move Tulo to first to replace a completely deteriorated Helton.
    Move an overpriced Cuddyer to the American League for one proven rotation man, or 3 of their best pitching prospects.
    Why do fans have to put up with owner's/managemnet inattention/incompetence.
    The quality players must be sick inside knowing their careers will not bring them postseason play.
    Why do Colorado fans have to

    1. You are 100% crazy if you think that Michael Cuddyer would bring back three of any teams top pitching prospects. That is not going to happen. You'd be lucky to get ONE top pitching prospect for a 34-year-old outfielder.

  12. a bit over the top don't you think, Mr. Martin.
    Calling someone crazy......let's not be insulting your readers.
    you can pick out all the individual comments and always find something to ridicule.......
    ridicule me this.......
    The Rockies are dead meat for 2013 because of owner/managerial incompetence.
    And many, many baseball fans are sick of the losing.
    Apparently that sentiment is beyond your comprehensive.
    hmmmm, are you not an independent journalist,
    but just another Rockie toady?

    1. You are missing the point. I'd take three pitchers in a heartbeat for Cuddyer. The point is that no one is going to trade you three pitchers that will make an impact in 2013 for Michael Cuddyer.
      Give me some pitchers who you think could possibly be an option. No team is giving up that talent for Cuddyer. Sorry.

    2. And if you think I'm simply a mouthpiece for the Rockies, you don't read this blog very often.

  13. Cuddyer has been on a tear...........and the Rockie record ia 12 wins, 17 losses since May 28th. Trading Cuddyer to the American League for quality pitching is a very good idea.
    Crazy..........Crazy, like a fox.

    1. It would be great, but give me some suggestions for which pitchers you are going to get. I don't see any Major League team who wants to give up pitching for a guy whose a free agent after next year. Give me some examples.

  14. This isn't fantasy baseball aren't going to dupe some team into trading a solid starting pitcher or a top pitching prospect for a 34 year old outfielder on a hot streak.

    I'm no Tulo fan, and wouldn't mind seeing him traded, but if you look realistically at the business side of the game, there isn't a workable trade out there with any of the 30 MLB teams.

    Baseball is a business, and every team has to deal with their own budget and personnel issues. You're not going to just call somebody up and work out a fantasy-style trade. This is the real world.

    While you guys are at it with your wishful thinking, why don't we elect a President that will pay off all our mortgages, give us free healthcare, free cell phones, and balance the budget.

  15. Thanks, Bryan. Way to kill a conversation. Ultimately who really gives a damn about the Rockies. Backwater entertainment at best.