Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The beat goes on for the Colorado Rockies, but Jhoulys Chacin shines on

Jhoulys Chacin has been a bright spot for the Colorado Rockies.
It's the same old story for the Colorado Rockies. On Wednesday it was time for them to see what the Matt Harvey hype was all about. They found out in a bad way, getting shut out in a complete game performance from the All-Star, 5-0.

Games like Wednesday night is exactly why a team like the Rockies can't keep thinking that they have plenty more games to play. Throughout a season, every team is going to run into a guy like Harvey, who simply will shut down any offense when his stuff is on.

Bill Geivett, just over a week ago at the trade deadline, told Troy Renck of the Denver Post that the Rockies were "painfully in the middle," which led them to not be buyers or sellers at the trade deadline. The fact that Geivett's statement was just one week ago makes it laughable. A team in the middle, even with a week of losses, wouldn't be as far out of the race as the Rockies are.

There is a black cloud over the Rockies. It is painful to watch. This team is following the exact script that the 2012 team followed, but they don't have the injury excuses that that team had.

With the team out of the race and the same story being told every night, it is difficult to be positive. It is tough to find things that should make a Rockies fan excited. Even the good things have negatives surrounding them. The club has found three very good starters in Jhoulys Chacin, Jorge De La Rosa and Tyler Chatwood have proven to be beyond dependable. These are guys who give the team a reason to believe that they are going to win every time they are on the mound.

Chacin was great again on Wednesday in a loss. He went seven strong innings, giving up two runs on seven hits. He struck out five and walked just one. He made it through seven with 106 pitches thrown, 71 for strikes.

The reality for Chacin is that when he is pounding the strike zone, he is very good. He is very tough to hit. He can set right-handers up with his changeup on the inside half of the plate, then get them to roll over a ground ball on his slider that dives away from them.

The Rockies have the talent to compete. Despite terrible appearances day-in and day-out, the team has a lineup that should be good enough to put wins on the board. Their approach at the plate continues to be lacking. Instead of making adjustments, they seem to either have no game plan, or abandon it when the pitcher throws them something that they have a hard time resisting.

If that approach can change, if the team can figure out how to work counts better, get tougher at the plate and put the ball in play more often, this offense is capable of putting up plenty of runs, and not just every few days. They can be good enough to consistently score runs.

With that offense on all cylinders, plus the top three starters, the Rockies have a team that should be at least respectable. There are still holes, but not huge holes.

The Rockies season is slowly dragging itself out. What was once promising is suddenly a lost cause. What started off exciting is about as boring as it gets. With that in mind, it is time to start ignoring the score and start watching players performances and see if improvement can come, or if contentment sets in.

The Rockies try to avoid a 1-9 road trip early on Thursday, as they take the field at 10:10 mountain time.

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  1. Contract extensions for everyone! I think I'm gonna wear a paper bag on my head Saturday

  2. The Rox lineup treat every and any pitcher like as if he was Cy Young.

  3. don't waste your time and/or money on this sorry company.