Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Colorado Rockies follow predictable script in San Francisco, fail to get better

Jhoulys Chacin pitched very well again on Monday.
The Colorado Rockies aren't worth watching in San Francisco. A fan can literally pull almost any Rockies vs. Giants game in San Francisco from out of the archives and the story is the same.

The same script was followed on Monday night. The Rockies got a great outing from Jhoulys Chacin and scored a couple of quick runs off of Tim Lincecum. The scoring came to a standstill, then the Rockies went to the bullpen, and the Giants got new life, then scored another run in extra innings to secure the victory.

It doesn't matter in the standings anymore. The Rockies are well out of the race, they have been for quite some time. However, this team has a chance to get better in game situations. They aren't taking advantage of those situations.

With the calendar reading September, the Rockies have the opportunity to expand their roster to 40 instead of 25. Most teams don't bring up their entire roster. However, it is a great chance for teams, especially teams looking to next year, to see some of their young or fringe talent pitch at the big league level and see if they have what it takes.

The Rockies have that opportunity. They called up Mitchell Boggs, Rob Scahill, and Collin McHugh when September arrived. However, instead of allowing one of those guys to show what he can do out of the bullpen, the Rockies called on Matt Belisle. Rockies fans know that Belisle would have been the best option earlier in the season, or any of the past three seasons. However, in the past four years, the reliever has logged more innings than any other pitcher in baseball. His ERA since the All-Star Break reflects that.

Belisle has given up runs in each of his last five appearances. His fastball has lacked movement and his breaking ball has been loopier than ever. With a worn out arm, the Rockies should be considering shutting him down.

Belisle's run on Monday came because of a Nolan Arenado error. However, Brandon Belt drilled a pitch up in the zone and scored the unearned run from third base to tie the game.

In the top of the 10th inning, Charlie Blackmon led off the inning with a single. Jonathan Herrera stepped to the plate with one job, get a quality bunt down that would move Blackmon to second. Herrera promptly laid down a bunt that landed two feet in front of the plate. Buster Posey hopped out and grabbed the ball, threw to second for the out, then Brandon Crawford threw to first base for the double play. Herrera clearly beat the throw.

Walt Weiss came out of the dugout to argue, but as he has shown several times, doesn't seem interested enough in the result to really get upset enough to get thrown out of the game. He had a conversation with the umpire, but failed to get his point across before heading back to the dugout to manage a meaningless game.

The Rockies need to take the chance that they have right now to get better. Instead, they continue down the path of mediocrity that has overtaken them for the past four seasons.

While the factors that caused the loss are the overriding factors, it must be mentioned that Jhoulys Chacin continues to pitch extremely well. He went seven strong innings, giving up one run on a Buster Posey home run that barely was fair, and barely was over the fence in left field. He has done a great job in the 2013 season of becoming a true force in the rotation.

Chacin lowered his ERA to 3.09 on Monday. He struck out five while walking only one. This was a guy who has always had the stuff to be a top of the rotation guy for the Rockies. However, he was usually done in with his inability to throw strikes. Suddenly he has found the ability to hit the strike zone with all of his pitches. His changeup dives in on right-handers, his slider dives away and his two seemer bears in on them, making him extremely difficult to hit.

The Rockies have a very good thing going with Jorge De La Rosa and Chacin manning the top two spots in the rotation. They have been the brightest spot in the 2013 season.

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  1. It appears the Rox live to resurrect scrap pile candidates instead of giving their own questionable pitchers a chance. Seems Eric Young is taking advantage of his starts in NY. Can we ever have consistent starters at ANY position?