Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The end is near for the Colorado Rockies

Matt Belisle has earned the right to struggle for the Rockies.
The Colorado Rockies once again blew a late-inning lead on Wednesday afternoon in San Francisco. Matt Belisle, once their most steady reliever, has felt the the overuse of the past three seasons finally catch up to his arm.

This has been no secret. Belisle's velocity has been down, his slider flat, and his ability to keep the ball down in the zone has been a struggle since the beginning of September. In fact, he hasn't had a clean inning in the entire month.

There is one thing that is certain, Belisle has earned his right to struggle. There might not be another reliever in the history of the Rockies who could claim that they were as willing to take the ball the way that Belisle has made himself available. He is a gamer. Look at his quotes from any interview and it is clear, he wants nothing more than to win the World Series. If winning the World Series means that he must start one day, relieve the next and then start on the third day, Belisle would take that odd task on.

Belisle's willingness to pitch has been a huge asset to the Rockies over the past few years. However, as the season comes to a close and the right-hander has starting feeling the workload, the Rockies haven't done him any favors.

When fans know that when Belisle steps on the mound that he is going to struggle, it shouldn't be a surprise to the guys putting him in that situation. On Wednesday, it was very predictable that the Rockies small lead would quickly disintegrate.

Here is the reality, words could be written about the heads of the leaders of the Rockies being buried in the sand. Words could be spilled in regards to the lack of planning, the lack of talent, the lack of leadership that the Rockies front office has put in place. There could be many things said about the way the Rockies go about their business.

The reality, however, is that those words have all been written. In futility, Rockies fans, media members, bloggers, and so many others have expressed their concern about the leadership at 20th & Blake. The points have been argued, the logic of the situation has been vetted out. At some point, putting more words down about the state of the Rockies is simply wasting time.

The common phrase is that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. It has come to the point that Rockies fans should know that the front office isn't going to change anything, so now it is the Rockies fans who are being the insane ones. At some point, Rockies fans have to quit thinking that words, anger, and any other action is going to change things at Coors Field. The reality is, those changes aren't going to happen.

With three weeks to go, the answer is simple. It is time to look forward. It is time to realize that a much-needed offseason has nearly arrived. The Rockies will brag about their steps forward and how much better they were in 2013. They will spin another poor season around and make it sound like it was actually better than fans think. They will continue doing the same thing that they do every season. They will make excuses that are well thought out, yet, continue to ring hallow with the fans.

For a fan, the only thing to do is wait it out. The offseason is a good time to gather thoughts, allow emotions to subside and start thinking rationally. Of course, rational thought should still lead to the same conclusion, that it is time for changes at 20th & Blake. However, those thoughts won't come with the emotion of current losing streaks and terrible on-field decisions.

At this point, being frustrated about the Rockies struggles, their wins and losses and their bullpen struggles doesn't help anything. There is nothing that can be done about it. Right now, fans need to take a deep breath and just get to the offseason, regroup, take a mental break and get back to it when they are ready.

There is nothing else to be done. There is nothing that stressing about it or getting all worked up about it can do to make it better. The time to get worked up is over. When the Rockies don't make huge changes in the offseason, and they won't, Rockies fans can get frustrated again.

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  1. They should shut Belisle down for the season. He's a good pitcher that has been overused and he's out of gas.

  2. Stop going to games. Stop buying season tickets. Stop buying the gimmick $2 tickets. Stop getting excited for Tacos and Qdoba Queso. Stop watching the games on TV, stop listening on the radio. Just stop supporting this organization. Nothing will change until the bottom line is impacted by low ticket sales. Go ride a bike, go to the mountains, go swimming, go for a walk. The beauty of Colorado is there a several activities you can do in the summer besides attend a baseball game. If most fans did this for 1 year...sacrificed going to the family friendly environment of Coors field for 1 year. Things will start changing.

  3. I am guilty of the support that I have given this organization over the years even without any attempt by the front office to can look no further than this past offseason when every sign pointed to the need for rotation help and nothing was done except the Garland, Oswalt and Francis nonsense.

    I belong to a large season ticket group and many of our members want out and people like myself want to lower the number of games that we buy in. If the group does not get enough people this season then the main ticket holder will just end it. That is 10 season tickets right there that will be lost.
    So the front office has to show us something this off-season to make the group continue or that's 30k right there that the Rockies will lose. I'm not counting on the Rockies stepping up so I might use the money next year to travel and possibly see the Rockies in some visiting parks instead.
    I don't think most people are asking for much...some bullpen help, a starter and a power bat or some mix of the three.