Monday, March 24, 2014

Dexter Fowler strikes back as Colorado Rockies front office continues looking incompetent

Dexter Fowler lashed back at Dan O'Dowd's criticism.
The Colorado Rockies front office seems to pride itself in outside-the-box thinking. That thinking is clearly causing confusion not only outside of the organization, but within their own clubhouse.

On Sunday in the Houston Chronicle, former Rockies outfielder Dexter Fowler responded to comments that Rockies general manager Dan O'Dowd made about him shortly before shipping him off to the Houston Astros for next to nothing.

I was critical of the public character rip of Fowler back when it happened. O'Dowd hadn't completed the trade, yet was very willing to publicly undress Fowler in a way that was completely disrespectful. What O'Dowd mentioned had nothing to do with the outfielder not living up to expectations on the field, but rather calling him out as a guy who doesn't care enough about the game.

Clearly those comments hurt Fowler, who told Evan Drellich in the Chronicle piece that no one is even sure who the GM of the Rockies is. Not even the players in the clubhouse know if it is O'Dowd or Bill Geivett.

In the piece, O'Dowd was told of Fowler's hurt feelings and seemed to be taken aback by the news. He asked the writer to pass on to Fowler that the Rockies really liked him and think he is a good kid.

Is O'Dowd really that tone deaf? Is there really a chance that he would think that Fowler shouldn't be upset by the character assassination that he took on him while the door was hitting Fowler's backside on the way out? When the top dog calls out an employees passion for their job, it isn't about results, it is calling out character. For O'Dowd to truly be surprised that Fowler would take exception to those comments either shows that O'Dowd is completely oblivious, or he simply is lying.

Fowler's comments hit the nail on the head. If the players in the clubhouse are confused with the way things are upstairs, then the structure is a complete mess. The players should know who their boss is, and they should be aware of who is calling the shots.

The reality is, Fowler was simply a casualty of excuse-making for O'Dowd. In order to justify keeping his job from year-to-year, the Rockies general manager has to shift blame onto someone else. He can't blame the talent level because that too would reflect poorly on himself, as he is the ultimate person in charge of talent evaluation. So if a team continues to underachieve, if they watched the window close on what could have been a dominant run, and they have been in the basement of their division perennially throughout the leaderships tenure, then the only option is to blame others. Blaming the talent comes back around to O'Dowd, so he must blame their character. If a person doesn't perform to the level that O'Dowd sold them to ownership on, then character is the only plausible attack to justify the general managers job.

O'Dowd can go back to Dick Monfort every year and say something like "you know, Dick, I put the talent into place. This team underachieved greatly, but it isn't because they weren't good enough, it was because they didn't want it bad enough. We saw the talent, but you can never tell someone's character."

If O'Dowd blames character, he isn't the person responsible. He brought in the talent, the talent simply didn't have enough heart to live up to the potential. It has been a fail-proof excuse for years.

The Rockies are one week away from Opening Day. The hopes are high, once again, and fans are eager to watch a winning team. Once again, fans have been told that this team has the talent to compete.

If they end up failing we can all rest assured that O'Dowd will blame the lack of character for their failings.

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  1. Yeah but what did Mrs. Fowler have to say about this? After all that's the opinion that really matters.

  2. Also, you cannot forget the yearly injury excuse....if only we were healthy we would be competitive. Like we are the only team with injuries year after year....please enough.

  3. I feel trapped between a rock and a hard place.

    I don't want to spend money on the Rockies because I believe O'Dowd is incompetent and the Monforts don't care.

    Meanwhile, not spending money on them means I don't get to take my two little boys to the ballpark during the summer for some beautiful experiences.

    The money-grubbing Monforts of course realize this which is why they continue to allow O'Dowd to make a mockery of this organization...the money will keep coming in because a summer night at Coors Field is almost irresistible.

    1. Honestly, boycotting the team isn't the answer. All that does is take money away from people working inside the stadiums and the businesses around the stadium. The Monforts are going to get their money. The TV deals are so huge that my ticket and yours doesn't amount to a hill of beans. Don't rob your kids of baseball. Take them to the game and teach them about it and let them figure out who they want to root for.

      Thanks for the comment.

    2. I also feel boycotting the team will cause it to lose money. The Monforts would sell. The new owner would look at the numbers and see Denver isn't supporting their team, which would cause them to move the team. As much as I hate lining the Monforts pockets, I would hate to see Denver lose the team even more

  4. Baseball teams cannot not be judged properly during the preseason. But I'm concerned with Tulo having a 0.60 avg and Chatwood getting blown up in his last start. The front office is clueless and the Monforts' are blind. This team needs a president so to right their ship. Take your kids to the ballpark and have them see the snot-slinging drunk, Charlie Monfort, on his party deck.

  5. Addendum to my last comments about this team needing a team president: Will Walt Weiss be better this year as the manager? Or will he still be a HS coach and won't protect his players? Will Geivet keep him in a straight jacket and Geivet calls the shots via the rotation and the line-ups?

    I have no faith in this team being any better this year. D-Mac on 104.3 (the FAN) is so steamed that he is predicting that the Regis HS baseball team might have more wins than the Rockies this year. The Monforts' obviously hate baseball but love the money. How much more money do they need? Why don't they do right for the baseball fans and sell the team to someone that loves baseball?

  6. O'Dowd and the Montfort's are the only ones lacking character here. if they would stop shopping at a junk yard for Mercedes parts they might get somewhere. but they think BARGAIN BASEMENT SHOPPING FOR PLAYERS IS THE WAY TO GO!!!!! don't botcott the team its not them youre hurting. the TV money is so much that even if the team didn't get one fan in the stadium all year the Montfort's would still get theyre profit. its the stadium workers and the neighboring business that will pay. so go to the games enjoy the boys of summer playing the best game in the world. you don't see Chicago boycotting the Cubs.

    1. I don't think its so much about the money as they spent pretty decently this offseason and will probably be middle of the pack salary wise.
      It is really about where and how they spend their dollars. I for one, think the Morneau signing was a terrible mistake considering that was Fowlers money spent there.
      I would be willing to bet Fowler will have a far superior year to anything Morneau does. I watched him this spring down in Scottsdale and the dude looks slow and worn out.

      Most teams utilize a 50% of revenue on player payroll...Look at the Rays and others with less spending power but successful none the less. It is all about how your GM assembles the organization from the farm system straight through free agency pickups. For the Rockies, it has been some hits and alot of misses.