Thursday, April 3, 2014

Colorado Rockies limp home for opener at Coors Field

The Rockies come home to a skeptical fan base.
This isn't how the Colorado Rockies wanted to start the season.

On Thursday afternoon in Miami, the Rockies blew a three-run lead and lost to the hometown Marlins in front of about 35 screaming fans.

The Rockies bullpen--specifically Matt Belisle--the Rockies righty faced eight batters in the 8th inning, allowing four singles and a walk. That damage resulted in three Marlins runs being scored, which secured the series victory for the hometown team and put the Rockies in an awkward spot as they come home to nearly 50,000 fans who will pack out Coors Field with skepticism on their minds.

The Rockies owners, Dick and Charlie Monfort, have long been criticized for caring less about wins and losses and more about the revenue that comes from fans packing the seats at 20th & Blake. This is an easy conclusion to arrive at, however it isn't accurate. The reality is, the Monforts want to win, they simply have no idea how to do that. Listen to Dick Monfort address the media. His lack of baseball knowledge is so pronounced that even the common baseball fan outpaces his knowledge.

On Wednesday afternoon, Monfort gave the media a tour of the new ill-timed party deck in right field. As the guys from local radio show Denver Sports Nation on 94.1 FM pointed out, Monfort actually compared the Rockies acquisition of Brett Anderson to the Broncos acquiring Peyton Manning.

World Series here we come!

A wise man would place a bet that at this time one year ago, the older Monfort brother couldn't have told you what team Anderson played for, let alone whether he threw right handed or left handed.

The sad reality is that this is one of the four members of the decision-making team for the Rockies. Monfort, along with Dan O'Dowd, Bill Geivett and Walt Weiss are the four the make up the brain trust of team decisions, at least according to Geivett's Twitter Q&A with fans less than two weeks ago.

While the focus should be on a team that is actually very talented, statements like Monfort continues to make are so disheartening to Rockies fans that it is hard for them to even pay attention to the struggles of the team on the field. And, quite frankly, those struggles on the field are hard to ignore.

After two of the most disappointing seasons in franchise history, the Rockies have once again tried to convince their fan base that they have good reason to be excited about the direction of this club. While four games doesn't give reason enough for strong opinions to be made, the Rockies look discombobulated early. They look lost on the mound and seem to be struggling to figure out what pitches to throw.

Instead of a team excited to get the regular season started, the Rockies look like a team that just showed up to spring training and got thrown into game action without the proper time to prepare.

The Rockies have a shot to make this a very impressive season. The talent is there. That has been said over and over again. Plenty of Rockies fans would enjoy every bite of crow, and ask to wash it down with some purple Kool-Aid if they were able to see the Rockies prove them wrong. However, there simply is no reason for fans to believe that things are going to be different in 2014 then they were in 2013 or 2012.

Everything about April says that the attitude should be positive. Baseball is a sport that allows even the worst of teams to think that when the beginning of April rolls around that they have a chance in the new season. The game is designed that way. Any team can beat any team on any given night. However, despite the talent, Rockies fans are in a Missouri state of mind. They need to be shown results before they are going to believe in potential.

If the Rockies were hoping to show that right out of the gate in 2014, a four game set in Miami to kick things off certainly didn't help their cause.

Opening Day is always a fun event. Rockies fans should arrive early and enjoy the festivities that go along with the day. Juan Nicasio gets the honors of starting for the Rockies. He will oppose Randall Delgado from the Diamondbacks. If the Rockies can find a way to make a statement, the large crowd may find that it is more fun to watch the actual team on the field rather than spend time on the party deck in right field ignoring the action.

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  1. I think that Nicasio will get the job done today. Perhaps a win today will spark the team's confidence. I don't hold much hope for the Rockies to be any better this year. But I'll go to as many games that I can this year and keep score.

  2. I hope the bats come alive for this outing in a big way. Watching Nicasio this spring, he is brilliant for 4-5 innings before he starts to get banged around bad. This is why I have been a proponent of Juan being viewed as a potential closer once Chatwood and Chachin return back. So if we need to depend on the bullpen again, things will get interesting in a hurry.

  3. Monfort actually compared Anderson to Manning ??? WOW!! This knucklehead is truly full of crap. Perhaps a Nolan Ryan in baseball world. Manning is a legend Anderson is just another pitcher the Rockies will destroy hes an avg. joe. The Rockies have so much talent but no leadership, no drive to win they once was a team that played like a team the last few years and now the team is a complete joke just like the front office.

  4. I was right, Nicasio pitched a great game today. The bats were really alive today as well. Hopefully they keep the momentum going.