Monday, April 28, 2014 provides a great way for fans to find great seats

One of the most tedious thing a sports fan will do is comb through the pages of questionable websites, calling someone about tickets that they have that are either sold, or a different price then was originally posted online.

The fan is stuck. They want to go to that particular game, but they don't want to pay marked up prices that they are going to get on that questionable website, and they don't want to pay huge fees that don't make much sense with some of the ticketing websites that are out there.

However, there doesn't seem to be any options.

I was approached by and asked to use their service and if I liked it, write a review on it. They provided me with a voucher to purchase tickets and get the full experience for myself. Everything I am writing is my opinion of the site, there was no requirement to write something good about it. The benefit of using Score Big is that you don't have to pick your exact seats. Most of the time it doesn't matter where the seats are exactly, you just want to sit in a particular area. Without needing exact seats, you can tell Score Big just how good of seats you want. From there, the site doesn't give you a price, it gives you the option to bid on your tickets.

If you don't win your bid, you know that you either need to be willing to sit in a seat a little further away, or bid just a little more to get that seat. The great part is, you are guaranteed to pay below face value.

Give it a try the next time you are looking for tickets. It absolutely eliminates the frustration that accompanies the shady websites that sell tickets, and it takes away the overpriced fees that are associated with some of the big name ticket sites that are associated with the leagues.

The process with Score Big is really simple. Pick your game, choose your seating area, name the price that you are willing to pay. You aren't going to have to sit around and wait, the site tells you right away whether or not your offer has been accepted.

In addition, when you enter your bid, the site will give you a pretty good clue as to whether or not your offer will be accepted. The beauty of it is, even if your offer doesn't have much of a chance, you still have the right to pull the trigger and see if it will be accepted. There really isn't anything to lose.

So before you go to your next Rockies game, don't check the team website for face value tickets. Don't go on shady websites where you have to meet someone that you don't trust who has tickets that might not be real. Don't go on a ticket website that charges crazy fees. Try out Score Big. You won't be disappointed.

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