Monday, June 16, 2014

Are the Rockies coming out of the dark tunnel?

The Rockies’ recent performance has proved how quickly things can turn around in Major League Baseball – just over a month ago the boys were flying high as a previously unrecognized contender for the postseason, then they couldn’t win a game, then shocked everyone with a sweep of the San Francisco Giants over the weekend.

It is to that end that we should not give up on the Rockies – they may have had a tough time recently, but Colorado has a strong team that has improved in areas where it’s needed most. The team's loyal fans can rely on their pitchers when it comes to placing a bet at Sports Interaction , and here are a few reasons why.

‘The big pebble in little rock’

 One particularly gifted pitcher is the University of Oklahoma alumnus Jonathan Gray, who has shown potential as the most tracked prospect since Troy Tulowitzki. Gray was chosen as the third overall pick in the 2013 Major League Baseball Draft and has not disappointed in the minor leagues or during his time at the University of Oklahoma. He was selected as a first team All American in 2013 and sits at an average of 95mph.

Meanwhile, the boys can depend on the further pitching prowess of Eddie Butler, who was picked 46th overall in the 2012 draft from Radford University. Akin to Gray, he has an average 90s pitching speed, though he has been praised as a slider where Gray often falters.

Over in the baseman stakes, Kyle Parker also has fantastic potential in the farm system. Although he has a background in football playing as a quarterback for the University of Clemson, we could see him playing for the Rockies as soon as August or September as a dependable power hitter.

With the next game set to see the Rockies take on the Los Angeles Dodger this week, the boys’ luck seems like it is changing. Currently standing at sixth place in the Power Rankings Table it is time for the Rockies to make a move and put their foot down as one of the better teams in baseball.

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