Monday, June 23, 2014

GUEST POST: Lance Lynn shows the Colorado Rockies how it's done at Coors Field

Lance Lynn dominated the Rockies on Monday night.

Shutting out the Colorado Rockies at home is not an easy thing to do, but Lance Lynn and the Cardinals bullpen showed it can be done. 

On a night where the Rockies pitching had to be tight, they faltered once again and allowed eight runs. Jhoulys Chacin gave up five runs on only four hits, but he also allowed three walks and hit a batter. The trouble for Chacin was inconsistency inning to inning and he just couldn’t seem to keep momentum. Chacin was perfect the first two innings, but gave runs up the next three innings to allow the Cardinals to take an early lead. 

The Rockies offense never stood a chance after that. Only three batters reached base in the game and only once did a player reach second base for the Rockies. There was no saving the sloppy pitching tonight and the Rockies were doomed from the start.

This team is faltering and there is no saving it. Yes, injuries have plagued the Rockies, but that excuse cannot be made year after year. For the Colorado Rockies it is all about the future and forgetting this season.

The Rockies will need to prepare their young pitchers this year in hopes that next year a  strong five man rotation can be achieved. The pieces are there: Butler, Bergman, Matzek, Gray, Chatwood. Jorge de la Rosa and Jhoulys Chacin should also look to prepare for next year and remain healthy.  

A miracle can save the Rockies, but no one should count on that. This team is playing lifeless baseball and will be lucky to not finish in last place again. The problem is how will the Rockies ever become competitive within the division? 

This team needs to rebuild completely. Owners will need to go and someone who can run a baseball team will need to takeover. 2007 and 2009 will no longer protect the Rockies organization. It has been too few and too far between playoff appearances for the Rockies fans to be happy. 

Until the Rockies start to play major league baseball year-in and year-out, Colorado sports fans will continue to stop following the Rockies come preseason football and from there until the end of the season the Broncos are Colorado’s team. And it’s only a fact. The Rockies never keep interest come August and September because they just never stay competitive. And once the fans leave, the team has nothing to play for. 

Eventually, the Rockies will compete, but I wouldn’t count on it for at least a few more seasons. Sadly, this is not a club that can compete in the Major league without flukey seasons and that has left them as a bottom feeder in the NL west where they will remain.

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  1. The sad thing is that the Rockies look like they will take over the cellar once more by tossing aside the D-Backs and claim the cellars as there own for 3 years in a row,

    We can talk all we want about the injuries and every team has them but lately, what can you say about Chachin and De La Rosa...both have been putrid and were considered co-aces at the start of the season.

    When the Rox were winning earlier, Cargo was not performing and Cuddy was hurt so that cannot be used as an excuse either.

    When you enter the season with the rotation having both Morales and Nicasio as your 4th and 5th pieces, that told me there that if an injury hit the rotation, that it would be downhill fast if that's the best we can start the season with.
    Also, remember when they were winning early both Anderson and Chatwood were not very good prior to their DL stint...

    So what happened since....Arenado was a big part of the success considering it has been a patch work process over at 3B since. The bats of Blackmon and Morneau have cooled down to more realistic levels and they do not generate the big hit to keep rallys alive anymore.

    Add to that the absolute horrid bullpen and you are where you are. Let's not forget that the bullpen has not sustained the injuries other than the recent Logan issue. I would guess the bullpen has blown or lost a hold on close to a dozen games this year.

    So in a nutshell...the issues of this team were masked by the crazy output early on. The front office will tell us all offseason that the struggles are due to injuries but the obvious answer is this team has no depth and the bullpen is an abosolute train wreck...add to the terrible season by De La Rosa and Chachin and you have one dud of a season once again.