Monday, June 23, 2014

Time for fans to accept that it is going to be a long summer for the Colorado Rockies

Corey Dickerson has been a bright spot in 2014.
Good news, Colorado Rockies fans, spring training is only 235 days away!

That statement is sarcastic and condescending, but this is the time of year when the unrealistic Rockies fans come out. It is the time when fans point to the fact that the Rockies, despite their struggles, are still just a few games back of that final wild card position.

The worst thing about the additional wild card has been that it keeps a false hope alive for bad baseball teams like the Colorado Rockies. Rockies fans are going to point to Nolan Arenado returning, Tyler Chatwood and Brett Anderson returning to the starting rotation, and Carlos Gonzalez coming back from a strange finger injury and help the Rockies get back to where they need to be.

This time of year when the standings don't point to the truth. It is far too easy for the hopeless romantic Rockies fan to log on to, click on the standings tab, see that the Rockies are only 6.5 games back of the final wild card spot and believe that the Rockies just need to go on a run.

Maybe it was a product of the improbable runs of 2007 and 2009, maybe it is just the nature of being a fan, but the reality is, the Rockies are already playing for 2015.

Let's be fair. No one was expecting the Rockies to go to the playoffs in 2014. The early success that the club experienced is the reason that this club started to revive the hopes of their fan base. This was a team that lost 88 games a year ago and made a few moves to improve, but still had much of their hope residing in Double-A. That talent is starting to surface at the big league level, but to expect the Rockies to contend in 2014 was a product of a great April start and a careless owner saying that the club could win 90 games.

Starts like Sunday's are going to be the norm for quite some time for the younger pitchers. In the finale against the Brewers, it was Tyler Matzek's turn. The lefty was decent. He gave up runs, but got some good outs as well. He struggled at points, but also showed some positive signs for the future.

For Rockies fans, they have to allow time for the newer, younger pitchers to get their feet wet at the big league level. They have to expect that there will be struggles along the way. As long as there is growth along the way, as long as the pitchers are showing signs that they are improving and learning how to succeed at the big league level, the Rockies and their fans should be alright with it.

No one wants to see their team spiral out of control. No one wants to admit that their team isn't going to make the playoffs on the first full day of summer. However, realism also takes away some of the stress of being a hardcore fan. Expectations must be adjusted. This Rockies team is in the process of proving to fans that they are in the development business. They have failed at developing talent for years, but this newest wave is out to show everyone that the Rockies might actually know what they are doing. In order to evaluate that talent properly, patience will be required.

The key for the Rockies is to see that improvement from their young pitchers, but also to see a demand for excellence from the rest of the organization. There has to be a demand that, even if the Rockies aren't quite up to playoff level in 2014, that they are going to play as if they need to win every game. This team doesn't have to simply develop talent, they also have to develop a winning mentality, one without excuses and one that clearly is looking to improve.

If the Rockies can continue to get better, while getting their young starting pitchers experience, they may have a shot at making a run at the playoffs in 2015.

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  1. The Rockies are bottom-feeders and always have been, regardless of the 2007 and 2009 runs to the playoffs. As David points out, it's already "WAIT 'TILL NEXT YEAR!" time.

    However, I am watching for a major milestone in this franchise's history, which could happen this week. The Rockies are 1,609-1,806 all-time. Yes, with another unfortunate sweep, this time at the hands of the Cardinals, our Colorado Rockies can fall to 200 games below .500 since that first game at Shea Stadium all those years ago. Just think, it hasn't even been 21 1/2 seasons, and we are already knocking on the door of 200 games under .500. What a franchise!!!


    "There have only been three teams in 106 chances who have won a World Series when their regular season ERA+ was less than 100. They are the 1987 Minnesota Twins, the 2006 St. Louis Cardinals and the 1913 Philadelphia A’s. A team of below-average pitching has only won it all 2.83 percent of the time, which I personally find to be mind-blowing."

    Pitching wins championships. O'Dowd believes that you can hit your way to a championship. The entire history of baseball proves him wrong.

  3. Rockies are bad, have been for a long time. They have a Owner, who is clueless, They have a manager, who doesn't know how to manage, A high school baseball coach at best, and they have a bunch of players, who talk big, think big, but cannot back-up their words. Worst of all their pitching staff, just outright stink.

  4. I don't see the Rockies winning a game til Arenado and CarGo are back in the lineup. This whole team stinks. Hope for next year? Nah

  5. The Rockies won't have any hope in the near future unless they replace the 2 headed monster of Geivet/O'Dud with a GM that knows baseball.

    1. Fat chance of that ever happening when Dick Monfort believes that O'Dowd is the best GM in baseball.