Saturday, July 12, 2014

All Star break will be good for the Colorado Rockies and their fans

The All Star break can't come soon enough for the Rockies.
The bell is about to ring on the first half of the season for the Colorado Rockies.

This has been a heated week for the Rockies. It has been so heated, that the results on the field have been largely ignored. The sparring between fans and owner Dick Monfort created a buzz around the city that has made it feel like something has to give.

For most Rockies fans, the hope is that the club will be the ones to give, and make major changes in the front office either soon, or once the offseason arrives.

Dick Monfort told the Denver Post early in the week, before all of the emails came out, that he is the most passionate of all Rockies fans. He talked about the Rockies losses keeping him up at night and being baffled as to why this team continues to fail.

Richard Bergstrom penned a piece for Rockies Zingers that really hit the nail on the head. Monfort doesn't understand how much knowledge goes into being a passionate fan. He clearly isn't a baseball thinker, and while some suggest that he is a great business man who knows how to make money, the argument can be made that he is watching his bank account grow through dumb luck.

Bergstrom points out in the final paragraphs that a great businessman would learn the industry that their business is in. They would learn about their competition and what makes them successful or unsuccessful and they would learn about what makes a good product. Instead, Monfort still doesn't know the game.

Monfort not only is a casual fan, he can't think of anyone who might be better in the business than Dan O'Dowd. A few years back, he was quoted in the Denver Post as saying that he believes that O'Dowd is the best in the business, even though he doesn't know everyone who shares the same job title as O'Dowd around the league.

If Monfort wants people to believe that he loses sleep over the losses, he has to have more than common knowledge.

When Monfort was showing the media around the party deck before the season started, he referred to the Brett Anderson acquisition as equal to the Broncos pickup of Peyton Manning. Speculation might make it easy to assume that a year before the trade was made, Monfort had never heard of Brett Anderson. To assume that Anderson was anywhere near that type of acquisition should open fans eyes to how O'Dowd continues to keep his job.

O'Dowd wants to make a move, so he sells Monfort on it. He wows him with numbers that Monfort wouldn't have the knowledge to refute, convinces him how smart of a move it is, then gets permission to make the move. When the move doesn't work out, for any number of reasons, O'Dowd goes back to Monfort and claims the player had character issues. That was the case before Matt Holliday was traded, before Ubaldo Jimenez was traded, and before Dexter Fowler was traded. It is O'Dowd's way of selling the failures of the development department to Monfort.

Because Monfort doesn't understand the intricacies of the craft, he doesn't have any reason to believe differently.

The hope is that Monfort got the message this week. It would be easy for Monfort to simply chalk up the week of hate mail to disgruntled fans who were mad about the previous six weeks. Instead, taking the messages and emails as a wake-up call that Rockies fans aren't going to stand for mediocrity anymore.

As far as on the field, the Rockies lost again on Saturday. It was a classic example of why depending on rookie pitchers at Coors Field isn't a great idea. Tyler Matzek struggled. He showed flashes of his talent, but it was a classic example of a game in which rookie pitchers have. He is going to take time to develop. It is probably good for him to be at the Major League level in a season that means nothing for the club. This gives him much-needed experience so that he can be confident going into 2015, when the Rockies will attempt to sell their fans on their potential once again.

For the Rockies and their fans, a four-day break from baseball, which will arrive on Sunday evening, will be good. It will give an opportunity to reflect on the first half of the season, both good and bad. It will be a chance for fans to gather their emotions and decide what they want to look for in the second half. It gives everyone a chance to refocus. Instead of hoping for the playoffs and being disappointed, Rockies fans can look forward to which prospects will make their debuts, and which players will show themselves as worthy of being on the roster in 2015.

Regardless, after a week of fireworks between ownership and fans, a small break might do everyone some good.

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