Saturday, July 19, 2014

GUEST POST: Bullpen falters again as Colorado Rockies blow another great start

Brett Anderson went seven strong innings but got the ND.
EDITORS NOTE: Cameron Parsons will continue his guest series for the entire Pittsburgh Pirates series. He is a recent graduate from Colorado State University and has been a longtime fan of the Colorado Rockies.

When Chad Bettis pitches for the Rockies, the night normally ends in a loss. Saturday was no exception.

In the 11th inning Chad Bettis came on to keep the game at a 2-2 score. On a 1-0 count, Jordy Mercer drove a ball to deep center field and out of the reach of Charlie Blackmon. Neil walker came around to score the winning run.

The loss was all the more frustrating because it once again wasted a stellar pitching performance. Brett Anderson, coming off a start in which he allowed four first inning runs, pitched spectacularly, holding the Pirates to only one run over seven strong innings. Anderson pitched like the pitcher the Rockies traded for, but came away with a no-decision.

The Rockies offense failed to string hits together and grounded into or lined into four double plays on the night. In the 11th, with a runner on first and third, Charlie Blackmon lined out to the pitcher and Charlie Culberson was doubled off at third base. That was the story of the Rockies night. 

The only runs scored by the Rockies came off a 7th inning home run from Carlos Gonzalez. It was a positive sign from Cargo, who went 0-5 last night with five strikeouts. Aside from that home run, the Rockies only reached third base one other time.

The loss was perhaps the lesser concern tonight. In the 4th inning, Troy Tulowitzki hit a slow bouncer to shortstop and ran hard out of the box. A few steps in, Tulo pulled up and grabbed for his left quad. He came out of the game and the injury was said to be a left quad cramp, which is positive. 

The big question of the night is, what do the Rockies need to do to win a game? Tonight, even the bullpen pitched well enough for the win, but the offense once again failed to score runs. It seems like every night, it’s either the hitting or the pitching. The Rockies need some consistency from all elements of the team to win. 

Sadly, consistency is not what this team does. Away from Coors Field the offense falls short. At home, the offense scores runs, but the bullpen blows leads. The Rockies just lack the overall components to be a winning team consistently. 

There is hope, however. Young pitchers are getting opportunities to pitch and all they need to do is seize the opportunity. That will bring consistency to the starting rotation. 

The Rockies don’t have all awful bullpen pitchers either. Brothers is a pitcher that can be relied on, he proved that last year. Ottavino is also a strong bullpen pitcher, overuse has brought his recent woes, but he will recover. 

And where the Rockies hold the most depth is there outfield. In time, three everyday outfielders will seperate themselves from the rest. Carlos Gonzalez will not be going anywhere, unless he gets injured again. Charlie Blackmon will likely take the other spot. What the Rockies need to do, though, is give Corey Dickerson the chance to play everyday, whether it’s against a lefty or righty pitcher. He has the skills and ability to be an offensive powerhouse, all he needs is the trust of the Rockies to let him play everyday. In the years to come, Corey Dickerson will develop into a star hitter. The Rockies just need to give him a chance.

The Rockies will look to salvage one game from the series tomorrow with Tyler Matzek on the hill. He has pitched well in his previous starts, but one or two innings has brought him losses. With a little help from his offense, I expect Matzek to bring home the win tomorrow for the Rockies.

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  1. Are we being trolled? There's no realistic reason to believe Tyler Matzek will go deep into the game and save the bullpen from Weiss over using them.

    Are you aware since the start of the 2012 season up to this morning, the Rockies have 1 complete game total . July 2013 Tyler Chatwood at the Dodgers. In a " that's so like the Rockies" moment, Chatwood only pitched 8 innings because the final score was 1-0.

    The Colorado Rockies have spent so many draft choices for pitching. Where are they? Why have so few developed? Why hasn't there been any sustainable development? The results are not consistent with the public comments from the Rockies leaders. When I have to go back to the 2011 season to find a 9 inning complete game thrown by a Rockies starting pitcher , either something is wrong with the organization or I need to get something better to do on a Saturday night.

    2014 is trending to be the the 11th season since the start of the 1999 season where the Rockies lose 88 or more games . 11 out of 16 seasons of being completely useless by Broncos training camp. I think it's time for Rockies leadership to follow Bob Seeger's advice and get out of Denver.

  2. Since the start of the 2011 season, ; the Rockies have 6 complete games by tv the starters. 4 of them are in losses where the starter only did 8 innings. Chacin in April 2011 and Ubaldo on June 1 2011 are last 2 to go 9 full innings. Roughly 525 games since a Rockies pitcher completed 9 innings. Since the beginning of the 2011 season , the Rockies are 2-4 when they have a pitcher throw a complete game. I don't think Root Sports will show that stat.

  3. Corey Dickerson does not have an arm. Until he moves past the selfish, "I'm going to hit it out of the park," mentality, I don't think we can even consider him an offensive powerhouse. I know he will mature past the home run is everything attitude, but there is still the lack of an arm . . .

  4. I really think Barns needs the chance to prove he can be an everyday player

  5. This past week, in the Denver Post, Tulo & Blackmon, opened their mouths, like the owner, and said, once again, we have a good team, we need a run, and then we are back in it. Who are they fooling, nobody. The Rockies are a bad team, top to bottom.
    Saturday came, and once again, Tulo the great is hurt. In his career as a Rockie, How many seasons, has he played, a full season. When he is accosted, as injury prone, it rattles his cage.
    I would just love to see the Denver Media, toast, the owner and the players, just seems that they are afraid to ruffle feathers.

  6. Can someone out there answer this question:
    How many games have the Rockies lost this year where the go-ahead run was surrendered by either Rex Brothers or Franklin Morales?