Friday, July 18, 2014

GUEST POST: Colorado Rockies blow great start by De La Rosa, fans should continue to support the players

De La Rosa was great, but the pen and the offense wasn't.

The Colorado Rockies started the second half of the season on the wrong foot. With plenty of opportunities missed, a good start from Jorge De La Rosa was wasted and the Rockies fell 4-2 to the Pirates.

Coming out of the first half of the season, De La Rosa had proven his ace status amongst the Rockies pitching staff. Friday night, De La Rosa was solid once again. He gave up only one earned run and four hits in six strong innings of work. 

The Rockies offense failed to drive in runs though and ultimately that was their downfall. The Rockies had eight hits and many opportunities due to Pittsburgh’s sloppy defense, but they struck out twelve times in the game and left 11 men on base. 

Leaving runners on base is especially costly when your bullpen is like the Rockies. In the 7th inning, Rex Brothers came in to relieve and allowed two hits with another batter reaching on an error by third baseman Nolan Arenado. Adam Ottavino then came in with the bases loaded. Starling Marte learned what “take one for the team” really means, as he took a fastball from Ottavino in the head. That brought in the tying run bringing the game to a 2-2 score.

Matt Belisle showed more of his overuse and allowed two runs and three hits. The ninth inning ended with no drama, except for the fact Carlos Gonzalez struck out for his fifth time of the night. 

As the losses pile up, many fans stop watching games, but it is important to remember what being a fan of your team is. The Colorado Rockies need faithful fans. This is a franchise that can’t buy fans by bringing in star players, so it is important to continue supporting the team. 

The front office of the Colorado Rockies also makes it hard to support this losing franchise, but that must be ignored. Continue supporting the players of the Colorado Rockies by watching the games and by voicing complaints to the ownership. A change will happen, as unlikely as it seems, in time. And when that time comes, the Rockies will have the ability to compete year in and year out.

Continue supporting the team and be the loyal franchise the Rockies’ players deserve. With the support of fans, anything is possible. Amazing things happen every year in baseball and there’s no reason something amazing can’t happen this year. Tulo himself has optimism for this Colorado Rockies team. Whether Tulo really believes in a comeback or not, is to be determined, but when a star player has hope, you can have hope too. With some solid pitching and bullpen tuneups, there’s no reason the Rockies can’t at least compete for a .500 record.

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  1. We were told to trust the organization in the summer of 2012. I respectfully ask what has the organization done to earn our trust since then? There doesn't appear to be a plan in place to inspire confidence. I want to believe but the organization is stale and new blood is needed.

  2. OP - "As the losses pile up, many fans stop watching games, but it is important to remember what being a fan of your team is. ... Continue supporting the players of the Colorado Rockies by watching the games and by voicing complaints to the ownership. ... Continue supporting the team and be the loyal (fans) the Rockies’ players deserve."

    Re - Um. How about No, Dave. Alright? One major issue is a number of the Rockies' players stink. The main issue is the FO develops and fields them which leads to terrible teams and seasons.

    Why watch terrible baseball? Why support players that shouldn't be in MLB? Why support a team with the worst management in ALL Sports? The answer - there's no reason other than for baseball as a sport (who cares who wins?) or because you're a masochistic and delusional Roxs fan.

    1. I think you missed the part of this being a guest post.

    2. edit; The article was by Cameron, not Dave.

  3. The Rockies year in and out have a terrible pen. We went from a terrible pen to a mediocre one. We just need to get hot bats again.
    The Pirates are a great team. The team that is very good are the A's. They have hitting and great pitching.
    The Rockies should look to improve the rotation. We need too badly.

  4. The Rockies record of .413 makes them the worst team in all of baseball now.

    1. OOPS. I forgot about Texas having an even worse record than the Rox.

  5. How many blown games has the bullpen either not saved or didn't hold this season...It has to be approaching 20. If half of those amounted to wins this team wouldn't be a laughing stock right now. Like I have mentioned previously, this pen has been generally healthy all year and this is the results they have health or not this season, this bullpen would have destroyed any chance of competing this season.

  6. Matt Belisle has blown saves and failed to hold games since the beginning of the season. Yes, fans support teams through rough patches, but then teams and especially the front office needs to at least show a modicum of interest in providing the best team and effort possible. Right now, all the fans are doing is enabling minor league baseball and a major league park.