Thursday, July 3, 2014

GUEST POST: Nolan Arenado's return to Colorado Rockies lineup not enough as bullpen fails once again

Arenado's return to the lineup wasn't enough for the Rockies.
By: CAMERON PARSONS (@acmwin20 on Twitter)

The Rockies star third baseman, Nolan Arenado, returned to the lineup on Thursday night, but his return proved to be not enough for Colorado as they dropped their fourth game in a row.

From the very beginning, this game did not look good for the Rockies. Franklin Morales started for the Rockies and actually pitched much better than expected. He went five innings while giving up only two runs and kept the Rockies in this game. Zack Greinke pitched better however. He allowed two runs over 8 innings while striking out 8. 

The Rockies hitters had 9 hits, 3 more than the Dodgers, but never really gained offensive momentum. Justin Morneau tied the game in the 8th with a one out triple, but LaTroy Hawkins allowed a run in the top of the ninth and the Rockies couldn’t recover.

A loss is never good, but the Rockies have reason to be happy tonight. Nolan Arenado returned to the lineup. He will provide a spark on offense and defense that the Rockies will appreciate greatly.Another positive tonight was the pitching. Franklin Morales kept the Rockies in the game and the bullpen, aside from Hawkins, pitched really well. This was the type of game where one key hit would’ve saved the Rockies and those games only happen when the pitching is competitive. 

Tomorrow will be the game to watch in this series. The Rockies will start Jair Jurrjens, a former all-star, against Clayton Kershaw. Jair Jurrjens was recently acquired in a trade from the Reds for Double-A first baseman Harold Riggins. Jurrjens has a career record of 53-37 and an ERA of 3.63.

With Jurrjens coming to the Rockies and Brett Anderson coming off the DL, the Rockies are starting to strengthen their pitching staff. As the injuries start to heal, the Rockies will get better and they will start to compete. Expect for the Rockies to compete for a .500 record though, and not a playoff appearance.  This season will be nothing but getting young players experience and trying to mold the Rockies pitching staff into a big league staff. 

This is a team that is still learning how to win games consistently and on the road. Once they learn how to win on the road and pitch with consistency this team will be solid. Until then the Rockies will be a disappointment to many fans. 
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